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The Rock Reveals How Many Pints of Ice Cream He Crushes During Cheat Meals

By Gary Trock

The Rock does everything at a level of 110%, so it only makes sense that his cheat meals are more than any regular human can handle.

On Sunday, Dwayne Johnson shared his weekly cheat meal with fans while enjoying the new Eddie Murphy movie on Netflix, "Dolemite Is My Name."

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Along with his signature culinary crave, pancakes and peanut butter, Johnson showed off multiple pints of ice cream and explained his process.

"#sundaycheatmeal keeps rollin’ on as I bring new meaning to the word, gluttony one bite at a time. Pancakes smothered with peanut butter and syrup. Not one, not two, but three pints of my fav ice cream @saltandstraw."

Three pints!

The Rock's go to flavor at popular shop Salt & Straw is Chocolate Gooey Brownie.


A description from the S&S website paints a delicious picture of their chocolate creation.

"This is chocolate ice cream at its simplest and most indulgent. We’ve teamed up with Valrhona to make a base that is rich, dark, fudgy and chocolatey. Our in-house baked, gooey brownies have marshmallows baked into them to create a brownie that treads awfully close to the point of being fudge."

It's not the first time The Rock has shared about his love of ice cream, he recently showed off a Sunday cheat meal where he plowed through two pints while polishing off a homemade apple cobbler.

That time, he opted for one pint of Double Fold Vanilla to compliment the cobbler.

Another time he literally devoured an entire bakery of goodies. The Rock regularly enjoys streaming a movie on Netflix during his cheat meals.

During the splurge, he watched Ken Burns' documentary, "Prohibition" while eating "Brownies, blondies, peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies ... With a fat slice of a cheesecake chaser."

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