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The Game Reflects On His Life 18 Years After He Was Shot 5 Times

By Jeff Mazzeo

The Game did some serious reflecting about how he survived getting shot five times on October 1, 18 years ago.

The rapper uploaded a video of himself recalling what it was like to come out of a coma. After viewing the clip he thanked God for giving him a second chance.

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"OCTOBER 1ST 2001 !! 18 years since I was in a coma after getting shot 5 times in the dope spot..." The Game wrote in the caption of his post. "I look at this video of the younger me & I can’t do anything but thank God for the opportunity to have a second chance."

Tough Childhood


He then turned his message into a history of his childhood and his mindset while growing up.

"I’m tellin y’all, I was a real f**k up..." Game said, "I didn’t go nowhere without 3 guns on me... I used to play basketball wit a glock on my waist in the holster... Compton made me that way. 2 dead brothers, n everybody make in my family gang banned.... that was the way."

He detailed his troubled family life when he was young. The rapper explained that he was in foster care and his mother wanted nothing to do with him after the system let him return home.

Things Have Changed


Half way through his harsh story, he reflects on how much has changed in his life.

"I didn’t have any children when I got shot now I have 3 & their doing amazing in life," he wrote. "Back then, I didn’t care if I lived or died & that was normal to me. I never expected nor cared to live past 25 years old."

"I guess that’s the only important part of my story at this point in life. I’m here....." the rapper continued, "I look at my kids & they have no idea what I went through so they could be here & have what they have....."

He ended his message with #HappySurvivalAnniversarySelf.

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