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Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Says She Is Not Surprised He's Under Investigation for Tax Fraud

By Daniel Goldblatt

The ex-wife of "Empire" star Terrence Howard claims he's been sneaky with his money for years and she is not surprised in the slightest that he is now facing allegations of tax evasion.

Howard and his ex, Michelle Howard, have been battling over the million dollars she has been trying to collect from him from a judgment she won in 2013.

Terrence recently filed documents in the case trying to get an upcoming hearing taken off the calendar because Howard is being investigated for tax evasion. He does not want to turn over documents or give any testimony about his finances because it might affect his criminal case.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Michelle Howard believes Terrence is trying to use the investigation "as both a sword and a shield" in his effort to indefinitely continue their legal battle.

She claims Terrence has avoided paying her by taking his "Empire" salary — which she believes to be $30 million for the life of the series — and having it paid through Universal Bridges, the company of his current fiancée, Mira. She claims that company then pays him a small salary.

"While selectively paying those bills which Terrence wanted to pay," Michelle says, "Terrence's stalking horse, Universal Bridges, has selectively avoided those bills which Terrence wanted to dishonor, including the monies in issue in this case and several million owed to the IRS."

She then adds, "Not surprisingly, this has given rise to a criminal investigation of Terrence, Universal Bridges, and Mira for criminal tax evasion."

As The Blast first reported, Terrence Howard is currently being investigated by the federal government for criminal tax evasion.

The feds are interested in possible financial crimes committed by Howard, his third wife Mira Howard (they got divorced but got re-engaged last December) and Universal Bridges Inc. (a company owned by Mira).

The case stems out of the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and is still ongoing.

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