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Terrence Howard Battling Ex-Wife Over $1.3 Million Owed From Divorce

By Ryan Naumann

Terrence Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Ghent is on the hunt for $1.3 million she believes the actor owes her from their divorce.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Terrence’s ex is firing back at the actor in court. Michelle filed her response in the lawsuit originally brought by 20th Century Fox. The studio sued Terrence, his company Universal Bridges and Michelle. They said they owed Terrence money but Michelle had served them with a court order showing the actor was ordered to pay her $1.3 million.

Terrence says he appealed the decision and is still awaiting the outcome. He believes since he filed the appeal the original judgment is stayed, meaning Michelle cannot collect on the debt until the appeal is decided. 20th Century Fox asked the court to tell them who to pay.

In newly filed court documents, Michelle is firing back at Terrence and 20th Century Fox. She accuses Terrence of playing dirty games to drag out him having to pay the million owed. She says Terrence’s company is “knowingly and unreasonably delayed in asserting the cause of action contained in its cross-complaint, without good cause and under circumstances permitting and requiring diligence, and thereby prejudiced Michelle.”

Michelle accuses Terrence of being in contempt of court for not paying her the $1.3 million. She is asking the court to enter an order directing Terrence’s company to hand over any payments received from 20th Century Fox until the entire debt is paid off.

A judge has yet to rule.


As The Blast first reported, earlier this year, 20th Century Fox filed a legal case against Terrence Howard, his company Universal Bridges along with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent.

In the suit, the studio explained they owe money to Terrence for his role on “Empire.” They said he was owed a ton of money but they couldn’t pay him due to his ex-wife Michelle claiming he owed her money.

Terrence and Michelle had an extremely nasty divorce where they fought over money.


Last year, a LA judge ordered the actor to pay his ex-wife $1.3 million in back spousal support and extra due to his increase in income from “Empire.” The breakdown came to $263,000 owed in back support and another $1.05 million due to his increase in income since the divorce settlement. At the time the divorce settlement was reached, Terrence was being paid $120,000 an episode but that increased to over $250,000 per episode near the end of the series.

Michelle took the court order awarding her millions and served it on 20th Century Fox demanding they hand over his money to her. The studio filed the case asking the court for help fearing they would pay out the wrong person.

The divorce battle has been going on since 2013. Michelle is currently working on collecting her $1.3 million Terrence is appealing the judgment. In their documents, 20th Century Fox said Terrence was threatening to sue them if they didn’t pay him his money, which he did.

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