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'Terminator: Dark Fate': Edward Furlong Is BACK To Play John Connor

By Clark Sparky

A big announcement about Terminator: Dark Fate was made at Comic-Con on Thursday.

'Dark Fate'


Dark Fate, The newest installment of the Terminator series, hits theaters on November 1. We already know that Linda Hamilton is returning to play Sarah Conner, but at Comic-Con on Thursday a big announcement about John Connor was made by James Cameron.

Furlong Is Back


For the first time in 27, Edward Furlong will play the role of John. He hasn't been in that role since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Furlong has been largely absent from Hollywood since his role as Danny in 1998's American History X after struggling with drug abuse issues.

Direct Sequel

Dark Fate is being billed as a direct sequel to Judgement Day, ignoring the three films that have happened in between. Footage from the film seems to suggest that Sarah has been busy hunting and killing terminators since the end of Judgement Day. Nothing more is known about the extent of John's role in the movie.

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