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TN Young Republicans Unfazed by Taylor Swift, 'Not Concerned Who a Celebrity Is Voting For'

By TheBlast Staff

Taylor Swift's political push for two Democratic candidates in Tennessee does not have the republican party shaking in their boots just yet, because they hope voters will look beyond the singer's endorsement and judge the candidates by their own merits.

The Tennessee Young Republicans tell The Blast, "We've seen celebrities endorse Democrats before. Most Tennessee voters are not concerned about who a celebrity is voting for," adding that, "Tennesseans are worried about which candidate is going to give them a good job, which candidate is going to get out and fix the education system, which candidate is going to do the things Tennessee voters need."

Swift made it very clear she could not support Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn for Senate, but TYR say they are confident Blackburn is the right person for the job. The congresswoman is currently ahead in the polls over Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen.

However, TYR aren't upset at Swift for siding with the Dems, telling us, "We're glad Taylor Swift is engaging in politics. While we might disagree with her regarding which candidates she is supporting we always love to see younger people have opinions because too often younger people have been disengaged from the political cycle."

President Trump isn't so stoked about the singer's stance, and said he likes her music 25% less.

As we reported, the Tennessee Democratic Party saw a big rise in engagement after Swift's backing, and are hoping it transfers to the polls.

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