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'Temptation Island' Sneak Peek: Ashley & Ben Hook Up, Casey Goes Nuts

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By Gary Trock

The drama is heating up in Hawaii as the cast of "Temptation Island" continues to explore new romances and hookups, and some are taking it better than others. In the newest sneak peek of this week's episode, Ben woos Ashley H by taking her on a romantic date and then openly pondering what her boyfriend Casey's true reasons were for appearing on "Temptation Island" in the first place. It all starts with a picnic lunch where Ashley H admits, "I just feel like I've been played this whole time ... No more f---ing crying over this guy."

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Ben sees his moment of opportunity and tells Ashley H, "Casey, he may not have come here for the right reasons."

She brushes off the notion about her boyfriend and tells Ben, "I just wanna focus on me and you, I like that. Your words have helped me a lot."

During her confessional, Ashley H also reveals "I feel like Casey and I are having issues right now, but I can definitely ee myself with Ben."

While the two are walking back to the villas following their picnic date, Ben moves in and plants a smooch on Ashley H ... and she definitely enjoys it.

Casey Loses It

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In a separate tease for this week's episode of "Temptation Island," Casey is shown talking about the confidence in his relationship with Ashley H, despite the way he's made it seem he could care less if they make it off the island together or not.

"I am very confident in my relationship with Ashley. At the end of the day, Ashey's still going to choose me."

That commentary is followed by admitting she had a steamy kiss with Ben during their picnic date. and Kate telling Ashley, "I think your boyfriend was dumb for bringing you here."

Cut to the bonfire, and Casey apparently witnesses the kiss between his girlfriend and Ben before freaking out and pounding his seat while the other guys try not to make eye contact.

Casey Does Damage Control


Casey has been getting thrashed by fans over the show, and he's now speaking out and claiming his horrible line about "hooking up with anyone" was taken way out of context. Taking to his Instagram Stories, Casey showed a clip of the scene in question and ranted about the edits.

"When your mouth doesn't even line up to the words your saying, horrible choppy sounding and cut ... inflection changes mid sentence!? Some people belive this!?"

Casey also pointed out a comment chalking his attitude up to alcohol and trying to place blame on the show for making him look bad.

"Truth be told Casey had been drinking and sometimes things come out all wrong when alcohol is involved. I was pretty shocked they played just that clip. It was pretty dirty of them. They could have showed the clips where he says he has a girlfriend and becomes mad. She is going to go off the deep end but these girls have to know that they never show you the whole truth or clip."

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.

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