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'Temptation Island' Did David Cheat On Kate in Wild Threesome?

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By Gary Trock

The latest episode of "Temptation Island" delivered a bombshell when David was seen getting wild with Samantha and Peyton, but he's now trying to set the record straight.

Fans were shook Thursday night shortly after David was seen getting naked and hopping into the shower with Samantha, only to be joined a short time later by Payton.

The three ended up in bed and were seen rolling around and making out.

His girlfriend, Kate, was nowhere in sight and David made it very clear he couldn't wait any longer before getting hot and heavy.

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Before the episode aired, David went on Instagram and made an ominous statement about "perception vs reality," and after seeing what went down, fans were not so kind.

"Weren’t you naked in the bed with two women? Come on man," one person wrote.

Another commented, "The perception is that Kate was right when she thought you did a 180 when she wasnt [sic] around. You have no respect for the relationship you were supposed to protect at temptation island or the person you claimed your loyalty towards. You were looking for a good time over a good person."

Kate Wasn't Ready


Kate obviously knew the threesome episode was coming and was fielding advice from fans vis Instagram on whether to even sit through it.

"Just got home from filming [Temptation Island] and was totally feeling myself! NEED ADVICE- previews for tomorrow’s episode have been TOUGH to watch... IF YOU were ME, would you watch tomorrow or sit this one out?"

David Tries to Go Live

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David went on Instagram Live on Thursday and tried to further explain what went down, but claims he was not allowed to divulge too much information.

"Wish I could've given everyone the full version of events to set the record straight on what happened but unfortunately when lawyers get involved not much I can do."

Fans began to tear into him for appearing to just want to try and backtrack out of having his threeway tryst exposed on national television.

He Claims There Was No Sex


After a further lashing from fans, David finally laid all his cards on the table and attempted to set the record straight.

"I did not have sex with Peyton or Sam that night, he wrote in a long list of explanations.

"I did not do anything more with Peyton that night than kiss her.

"I did not kiss or hookup with Sam that night."

However, after listing off what he did or didn't do, David admitted he messed up big time.

"None of these statements condone what I did do that night - which is go against everything I told Kate I wanted to go to TI to do. Its really hard to see this play out months later and see the pain Kate went through. I take full responsibility and regret it all and hope you will get to see that in future episodes."

Fans Aren't Buying It


Regardless of the damage control he tried to do, David was catching major heat from fans who accused him of looking for a way out of his relationship with Kate.

"Who cares what you actually did you were acting like a f---ing sleeze. You were dying to get out of that relationship."

Another person wrote, "even if u didn’t have sex, I would be mortified and so beyond broken if my boyfriend would even allow two naked women into the shower or into bed with him."

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.

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