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'Temptation Island' Recap: The Clothes Come Off!

By Gary Trock

"Temptation Island" picked up right where the action left off last week, as Kate witnessed David's infamous threesome with Sam and Payton. She broke down, and was consoled by the other girls at the bonfire while watching the surveillance footage. Fighting off tears, Kate made it clear she was done with David and their relationship was over.

"Maybe all along I know who he was. His words mean nothing, everything he's said up to this point means nothing. Our entire relationship means nothing."

Kate also wondered, "does he not think I'm going to see this?!"

She says David "threw away our entire relationship. there's nothing David can do to redeem himself at this point, he doesn't deserve any more of my time or energy."

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The Old Rick

USA Network

Back at the villas, Ashley G and Rick get caught up in a deep conversation about their time on "Temptation Island." Ashley expresses her frustrations and insecurities with what's going on and admits she feels like she's going to cry before Rick pulls her close and consoles his girlfriend. During a confessional, Rick notices that he needs to be more supportive to Ashley, and reflects on how it may be time to change his old ways.

"In the past with Ashley, she says something that upsets me, I shut down and alk away. That's when I did shut down, that's when I did cheat. I could have just stopped and talked, that's one thing I'm learning. I don't want to be the old Rick."

ABC Party

The drama from the bonfires quickly melts away and everyone decides to throw an 'ABC' party -- Anything But Clothes. Everyone strips down and covers themselves with "Caution Tape" and wrapping paper ... basically anything, but clothes. The drinks were flowing and the cast was having a great time until Kate's emotions took over and she needed a break.

Kate ended up putting her clothes back on and has a special moment with Dom where she confides in him what happened and admits, "I feel so stupid."

Ashley H & Ben

USA Network

As the couples go on dates, Ashley H and Ben once again found themselves in a romantic setting, and once Ashley was armed with the knowledge that Casey doesn't really care about their relationship, she was free to let herself go a little.

"Casey, he may not have come here for the right reasons," Ben tells Ashley. She responds that she'd rather just focus on the two of them, and that ends up with Ben putting on the moves and a romantic kiss is shared between the two.

Casey's Taking It Well

USA Network

At the guy's bonfire, everyone is shown the videos of their significant others enjoying themselves on "Temptation Island," and then it gets to Casey. He watches in horror as Ashley H makes out with Ben ... and then continues to get hot and heavy later on in bed when the night vision cameras kick on.

Casey can barely console himself before clenching his hands in anger and pounding his fists on the wooden bench. Well, it sure seems like he cares about the relationship now. We'll have to wait and see what's in store during next week's episode!

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.

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