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Tekashi 6ix9ine Says His Life Is In Danger, Asks Judge To Put Him On House Arrest

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is asking a judge in his criminal case to release him to house arrest claiming his life is in danger after testifying against the Bloods street gang.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Tekashi69's lawyer says because he snitched on several members of the Blood's he is in constant fear for his safety.

In the filing, the 'Gummo' rappers attorney said, "As a result of Hernandez’s cooperation with the government against multiple gang members with the Bloods, Hernandez’s safety is still, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, seriously at risk. Additionally, this Court ordered continued cooperation with the government as part of Hernandez’s sentence."

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Tekashi 69 Asks To Be Released From Prison


She continued, "Given the significant and ongoing threat to Hernandez’s safety as a result of his past and potential future cooperation, the government has filed papers that force Hernandez to remain incarcerated at a private jail in an effort to secure his safety. However, even at the private jail, Hernandez is still housed with various members of the Bloods."

Tekashi's legal team there is proof of how dangerous this situation could be for the rapper after one of his fellow gang members was almost killed in prison for denouncing the gang.

"As the court is well aware, Rolland Martin, a co-conspirator convicted in Hernandez’s case, was almost killed in a Bureau of Prisons facility, not for cooperating with the government, but for merely renouncing his membership in the gang," she reminded the judge.

Prison Is Filled With 'Blood' Gang Members


She continued, "Furthermore, even the private facility where Hernandez is currently housed has a variety of Blood members housed at the facility. Therefore, it is foreseeable that placement in any Bureau of Prisons facility, including any CCC, would jeopardize Hernandez’s safety."

Tekashi is also upset that because he is currently assigned to a "private prison" due to his protected status....he is not given the same rights as regular inmates. One of the rights is possible early release into house arrest or early release for good behavior.

Protected Status Is Actually Hurting Him


In the legal filing, his lawyer pointed out, "However, given Hernandez’s safety classification and the government’s actions which have forced Hernandez’s continuous incarceration at the private jail, Hernandez has effectively been denied that which every other sentenced prison receives, that being consideration for home confinement or CCC placement during the final months of the prison term. In other words, Hernandez is being denied his right to apply for home confinement."

She continued, "Accordingly, allowing Hernandez to serve the remainder of his jail sentence under home confinement would be the most reasonable means to adjust and prepare for his re-entry into the community."

Security For The Rest Of His Life


So, the rapper is asking that he be released into house arrest to serve out the rest of his sentence. As we reported, Tekashi was given 24 months after helping prosecute the rest of the Nine Trey Bloods Gang.

The problem is that even if he is given house arrest, his lawyer added, "Given the sensitive nature of his testimony as a government witness and his celebrity status, my client will have to take extreme measures for both the security of himself and his family for quite possibly the rest of their lives."

The judge has yet to rule on his request, for now, Tekashi sits in a New York prison cell.

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