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Tekashi 6ix9ine Wants To Make Music Videos In His BACKYARD While On House Arrest!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine has just revealed he is preparing to released new music while under house arrest and is asking the judge in his criminal case to allow him to shot music his BACKYARD!

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Tekashi 69's lawyer has sent a letter to the judge asking for permission for the rapper's home confinement to include his backyard.

In the request, he is specifically describing the 'Gummo' rapper's desire to record music videos in the yard.

So, it appears Tekashi is ready to drop some new tracks now that he is out of prison.

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Tekashi Wants To Make Music Videos In His Backyard!!

In the letter, Tekashi's lawyer is asking that he just be allowed into the yard for a few hours a week for "employment" reasons.

"As you know, I represent Daniel Hernandez. Pursuant to your Honor’s recent order, Mr. Hernandez was released from jail and he is now serving his sentence under home confinement. Probation has approved his residence of (sealed) and he is in full compliance. I am writing today only to request the Court’s approval to permit Mr. Hernandez to spend up to two hours in his backyard, once a week, for employment purposes only," the letter begins.

Rapper's Lawyer Is Asking The Judge For Help With His 'Employment'

He continues, "He is looking to record music videos in his backyard. Probation is aware and has no objection to this request. Thank you for your attention herein. Please contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information."

Tekashi's lawyer claims his new home address has been approved by the probation department, but he does NOT want to file the address with the court.

"I am seeking to file this letter under seal in order to prevent the public disclosure of Mr. Hernandez’s home address," he wrote.

Obviously, Tekashi testified against multiple Blood gang members, and having his address known to the public could be extremely dangerous.

New Music Dropping Soon?!

As we reported, Tekashi was released by the same judge in his criminal case after he complained of the possibility of catching Coronavirus while behind bars.

The rapper claimed to be at extreme risk of death if he contracted the disease, based on the fact that he suffers from asthma.

Tekashi burst back on the social media earlier this month, after changing his IG handle to an animated version of himself in a rat trap. It seems he is fully acknowledging he is a snitch and may try to rally it into some sort of new music.

The judge has yet to decide on the backyard boogies, but it's clear the internet is hoping the judge goes for it!!

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