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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Blood Gang 'Godfather' Facing 14 Years In Prison Thanks To His Snitching

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine snitched on everyone and everything he could possibly think of, and as a result, prosecutors have asked the 'godfather' of the Nine Try Bloods be sentenced up to 14 years behind bars.

In legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Jamel Jones aka Mel Murda's case has reached the sentencing point and prosectors sent a letter to the judge asking he be placed in lock-up for at least 135 months.

The Blast

The maximum they are asking for is 168 months.

Federal prosecutors point to Tekashi 69's testimony, about several violent acts, as proof Murda should do some serious hard time.

"The Probation Department calculates the same Guidelines range in the final pre-sentence investigation report, dated August 26, 2019 (“PSR”), and recommends a sentence of 135 months’ imprisonment," the document states.


It continues, "Consistent with the Plea Agreement, and for the reasons explained below, the Government respectfully submits that sentence within the Stipulated Guidelines Range of 135 to 168 months’ imprisonment would be appropriate in this case. "

The government also explains how important Mel Murda was to the organization as its godfather.

"The Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods (“Nine Trey”) was one of the original Bloods sets formed under the United Bloods Nation in 1993. The leadership structure of Nine Trey is divided into two parts: the Prison Lineup, which consists of incarcerated members, and the Street Lineup, which consists of members who are not incarcerated. The defendant was the godfather, which is the highest-ranking position, of Nine Trey’s Street Lineup."


Prosecutors then point to Tekashi's testimony about being kidnapped and the violence that followed as more evidence of Murda's illegal activity.

"Daniel Hernandez testified about the aftermath of Hernandez’s kidnapping. Specifically, Hernandez testified that after Hernandez was kidnapped, the defendant and others, including Kifano Jordan, a/k/a “Shotti,” came to Hernandez’s house and that Jordan brought an assault rifle to the house in order to retaliate against Ellison," the letter states.


The letter even includes details about rapper Jim Jones seemingly ordered the shooting of Tekashi's security guards in response to him talking bad about the gang on the radio.

"In addition, after Hernandez denounced Nine Trey on a nationally-syndicated radio program, several of the defendant’s calls were intercepted over a wiretap on his phone in which the defendant discussed “violating” Hernandez. In one of those calls, the defendant and Jim Jones, who was identified at trial as another Nine Trey member, discussed shooting members of Hernandez’s security detail in order to get to Hernandez."


In the end, the feds believe this harsh sentence is needed to deter others from joining the gang life, saying "a significant term of incarceration is needed to deter the defendant from continuing with his affiliation with Nine Trey and to deter others from embracing the violent and destructive nature of gang life."

Tekashi is set to be sentenced in December, he is hoping for a lighter sentence than the 40 years he is set to receive after he rolled on everyone under the sun to obtain a shorter time behind bars.

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