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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Victims Speak Out -- He Is An 'Evil Person'

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to be sentenced in his ongoing criminal case, and two of his victims are speaking out about how his crimes have negatively affected their lives. One of the victims even calls the rapper an 'evil person.'

In new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, two of Tekashi 69's victims filed impact statements in the case claiming both of their lives have been ruined by his actions. Both victims wrote letters, which are reviewed by the judge before the sentencing hearing, and the pair claims to be the victims of the same incident.

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See The Letter

The Blast

According to the first letter, the person claims they were the victim of a highly publicized robbery. "More than a year and a half since April 3, 2018, I am still discovering all the ways that I am suffering and continue to suffer from the attack that I survived, orchestrated by Tekashi69. Once a thriving publicist, videographer, film editor, this violent event has set my life on the wrong course, and destroyed the normal adulthood that I was striving for," the letter begins.

He continued, "I am an African America, homosexual male and originally, I was so far removed from rap, gangs, and guns. In no way shape or form would I ever have expected to be anyone or in the arena of anyone targeted by Tekashi69, his minions or his antics."

Victim: My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Gettyimages | Bob Levey

The guy says in the letter he was working alongside a music publicist, "Skyy" and describes what happened on that day.

"I along with Skyy, was assaulted at gunpoint by a group of masked men. I am ex-military and seen my share of violence but never have I been so scared as the cold, hard metallic gun was pressed against my abdomen. As much as I want to say how fast it happened, I cannot because in that moment, my life flashed before my eyes. I was not going to be able to say goodbye to my mother."

The letter went on to say, "All I thought was, “What did I do to deserve this?” What was moments seemed like an eternity burning in fiery pits as I was frozen and watched my compatriots by assaulted and robbed along with me."

He claims after the rapper was arrested and the court proceedings began he was made aware the entire incident was "organized by none other than Tekashi69."

He Is An 'Evil Person'

The publicist, Skyy, also filed a letter with the court and described how traumatized she is from the robbery.

"After the event, I refused to sleep alone. I stayed at my partner’s home, to continue to stay under the radar. This provided some ease until I found out that Tekashi69 was arrested and his home was raided…Incidentally, my own apartment was up the street from the home that was raided. I was within walking distance of his very headquarters of operation. Safe to say I did not return to my apartment and would not renew my lease."

She says in the letter she wants the judge to know, "I am appalled and disgusted by this evil person that is Tekashi69.

Victim Says Tekashi 69 Should Be Held Accountable


Skyy says she has had trouble shaking the incident and now suffers from several physical issues related to the trama, "For a long time I practiced putting the terrible memories away in my mind. Thinking about it is still really painful. Sometimes I just go into staring spells when I am caught thinking about what happened and not paying any attention to my surroundings,' she says.

In her letter, Skyy says she continues to suffer and believes Tekashi 69 should be held responsible both criminally and financially. She says, "Presently, I am on various anxiety medications and sleep aids. Sadly, I am unable to eat at times, unable to sleep, having nightmares, and has also been suffering from depression. How much is my life worth? How much was my assistant’s life worth? Did I deserve to die, hundreds of thousands of miles away from my grandchildren? I feel that Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi, is liable and should be held legally and monetarily responsible for emotional distress, damages, losses and so much more."

Tekashi Facing 37 Years In Federal Prison


Tekashi is set to face the judge for sentencing December 18 and is facing a minimum of 37 years in federal prison. As we reported, the rapper testified against many of his fellow gang members and is hoping for a much lighter sentence.

As we reported, several people including his mother and girlfriend have filed letters in support of his early release.

The amount of time will be up to the judge in his case, the two letters will not help his cause.

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