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Is Tekashi 6ix9ine OK?! Fans Call For A Welfare Check On The Rainbow Rapper

By Mike Walters

Is Tekashi 6ix9ine Ok?!

Tekashi 69 has completely vanished from social media and after it was reported the rainbow rapper overdosed on diet pills, his fans are calling for a welfare check on his safety and health.

The 'Trollz' rapper has not published on social media or been spotted publically since September 11, 2020, after he was seen ripping down promotional posters for his newly released album. In the weeks leading up to the release, Tekashi wasn't concerned with any danger and was traveling the country trolling anyone who challenged him.

But, Where Is He Now?!

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'You Alive Bro?"


As we reported, Tekashi reportedly confirmed to The Shade Room that he had overdosed on over the counter diet medication, and was hospitalized in Florida. But, the rainbow rapper has not surfaced since the incident and isn't even present online.

"You alive bro??" one concerned fan wrote. Another actually asked if officials could check on the rapper since it appears something is wrong. "Someone should check up on 6ix9ine he has been real quiet. Is he dead?"

As we reported, it appears the 'TuTu' rapper was released from the hospital after fans noticed his voice in the background of one of his girlfriend, Jade's IG videos, but you never saw his face.

So Is He Ok?!

Tekashi 6ix9ine Fans Ask For A Welfare Check On The Rapper!


"Ok, I'm scared now, where are you?" another fan wrote.

Unfortunately, Tekashi has a large number of enemies that join his millions of fans, and they are letting their voices be heard on social media as well. "Karma" is what one person called his current situation. As you know, the rainbow rapper caught huge heat after deciding to snitch in a federal case against the Bloods gang to lower his own prison sentence. But, up until now, that hasn't stopped Tekashi's public parades.

"It's crazy how much ppl can wish horrible things on someone they don't even know personally and who don't even have an effect on their own lives. Whatever happened to praying for ppl instead of kicking em while they're down," a fan posted.

How Bad Is It?

Rainbow Rapper Has Vanished From Social Media


According to reports, Tekashi said he is NOT taking any illegal drugs since he is still under strict probation and would be locked up if he did consume anything. But, he reportedly told TSR, he started experiencing extreme systems after taking 2-4 diet pills a day.

Interestingly, in the interview, 6ix9ine seemed to acknowledge he was trying to cut weight and might not make a return to social media until he is happy with his look! So, is that it?! Or is something worse going on...

One thing is for certain, and we have to agree with this fan, "Instagram getting boring without you!"

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