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Tekashi 6ix9ine's New Music Video Features Giant 'Finding Nemo' Diamond Shark Chain

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine just dropped his brand new music video, 'Gooba,' and the notorious rapper is sporting a giant diamond chain in the shape of the shark from Disney's 'Finding Nemo.'

Tekashi 69 released the new video on all platforms Friday afternoon and the song hit over a million views in under 10 Minutes!

One celebrity who made an appearance in the video is the shark character from 'Finding Nemo' who is featured as a painting on the wall -- and hanging from Tekashi's neck iced-out in a diamond chain.

In the video, the Nemo shark has all rainbow-colored teeth, and he does a bit of chomping before the video begins.

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"🌈EVERYONE GO WATCH RIGHT NOW 🌈🌈🌈REPOST IT ON YOUR PAGE🌈🌈🌈 HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE YA THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED 😂😂😂😂🐐" Tekahi wrote on Instagram along with sharing the video.

The 'Gooba' video features a group of smoking hot women who are sporting rainbow-colored skin-tight outfits and are twerking behind the rapper.

Tekashi and the girls are stomping around in rainbow-colored paint and the rapper is sporting a colorful puffy jacket. Interestingly, you can see he has not been able to dye his hair back to his pre-prison look.

Watch Tekashi's New Music Video!


At one point, Tekashi holds up the massive diamond chain, which is an exact replica of the lovable Disney character -- and must be worth hundreds of thousands based on the number of diamonds it is rocking.

"The king is back 😈" one fan proclaimed after seeing the video. Many were blown away with the number of clicks it got in the first few minutes.

Of course, Tekashi's Instagram page also lit up with tons of RAT emoji's and people are not happy a snitch of this caliber is about to skyrocket back to the top of the rap world.

New Music Video Hits A Million Views In Under 10 MINUTES!


As we reported, rapper Meek Mill blasted the 'Gummo' rapper for promoting his music online -- and warned he better be coming onto Instagram Live to apologize for snitching.

"I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim..... Y’all forgot that fast a “rat” killed nipsey he wasn’t suppose to be on the streets! That’s the only thing ima day because he’s dead... left his baby mom and child like a coward as targets!" Meek tweeted.

Tekashi has promoted he will be filming and sharing music videos from his backyard and rental home after the judge in his criminal case approved it for 'employment' reasons. The rapper is currently under house arrest in New York.

No word yet on how Disney feels about the new track!!

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