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Tekashi 6ix9ine's New Girlfriend Says She Will LEAK His New Song If You 'Like' These Hot Photos!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine's new girlfriend, Jade, is threatening to leak his new single, as long as a ton of people will like these smoking hot photos of her online!

Tekashi 69's girl took to Instagram to rile up his fans and the public to hear the rainbow rapper's new track, but instead she has everyone shocked at the dro-dead-gorgeous photos. Well, we guess that was the point!

"200 likes and I’m leaking @6ix9ine next song WORD TO MY DEAD," Jade captioned the photos.

In the hot snaps, Jade is in the couple's bathroom posing in a skin-tight green bodysuit.

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Check Out The Smoking Hot Photos!!


The possible leak was endorsed by the man himself, Tekashi, who liked the photos on IG. So, she may be serious, and of course, she got over 200 likes within a few minutes.

Many believe she meant to say 200,000 likes, but now the fans are wanting the new track! "Leak it!" one person wrote after seeing the post had thousands of likes and comments.

Setting aside the song for a minute, Tekashi's girlfriend is mind-blowingly hot -- and fans are going nuts over her outfit and bangin' body!!

Take A Look!

Tekashi's New Girlfriend Says She Will Leak His New Song!


"Badddd😍😍😍" a fan wrote after seeing the photos.

Also, many are pointing out the diamond-encrusted 'Trolls' necklace hanging from the model's neck -- that matches perfectly with Tekashi's new 'Finding Nemo' chain he recently unveiled. Keeping it in the cartoon family!

"Got that troll necklace to match wit the troll king himself ... I peep that jade🌈" a fan wrote. The chain is insane, iced-out in diamond and even has bright pink troll hair.

As you know, Jade starred in Tekashi's new 'Gooba' video and is quite famous in her own right...

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Nicki Minaj Look-A-Like?!


"Just tell me if it’s with Nicki!" one fan asked. Hoping that Tekashi's new track is featuring Nicki Minaj.

Speaking of the 'Anaconda' rapper, many think Tekashi's new GF is a bit of a doppelganger for the rap queen.

"Why everyone keep saying I look like Nicki I’m missing something," Jade posted on IG.

As we reported, Tekashi fans flooded the Instagram post letting Jade know she was even hotter than Minaj, and does look like the rapper! "Badder than Nicki," one person wrote, another added "Nah u better -- Yesss you're her twin lol."

So, will Jade leak the new track?! It's unclear...but she did share a video of herself sexy dancing to another song -- so that's a win!

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