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Did Jay Z's Roc Nation Just Sign Tekashi 6ix9ine?!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is now the #1 artist in all of Hip-Hop and based on a really quick cameo in his new 'Gooba' music video, many think he has now hooked up with the real King of New York -- Jay-Z.

Let us explain.

Over 75 Million people have now watched Tekashi 69's new music video on YouTube, and a few very sharp-eyed fans noticed a 'Roc Nation' logo make a brief appearance in the video.

It is quick, and you have to look hard...but it is there!

Take A Look!

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As you can appears someone wearing a 'Roc Nation' hat featuring the black & white paper-airplane logo sticks their head into the frame for just a few seconds.

It's unclear if the guy is a camera operator or one of the producers of the new music video. But, what is clear, the person is sporting one of the company's pieces of headgear.

Rumors of a possible signing of Tekashi are going wild on social media, and the company has yet to make a comment about the situation.

But, there's more...

Roc Nation Hats Can Be Easily Purchased Online...


On one hand, any new management company or record label getting into business with Tekashi 69, would have several of its employees on hand for video production like 'Gooba.'

But, we checked, and anyone can buy a hat just like this on eBay for just a few dollars. So, it's very possible the person in the video has either done work for them in the past -- or just likes the dope hat.

As we previously reported, many rap artists like Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg are pissed anyone would support Tekashi, being that he is a giant snitch. 50 Cent has also said he will not work with him again.

So, is Jay-Z in the same boat?

Are Real Hip-Hop Players Going To Work With Tekashi?

According to one report, a lawyer who has worked with Roc Nation for some time...joined Tekashi's legal team in July. The revelation has added fuel to the fire of a possible signing after the hat landed in the 'Gooba' video.

As you know, Tekashi attempted to explain why he decided to snitch during his record-breaking Instagram Live. In the video, the rainbow rapper claimed the gang kidnapped him, tired to kill him, and messed with his baby mama while he was out on tour. His point -- they were not loyal to him.

So, are the REAL hip-hop players working with Tekashi 69?

We will see....

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