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Tekashi 6ix9ine Ignores DANGER Of Gang Retaliation, Rides Subway & Strolls NY In Broad Daylight!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is playing with major fire after deciding to take the subway and stroll the streets on New York, at the same boasting that none of his enemies are doing anything about him being a snitch and walking freely in the city.

Tekashi 69 has posted several videos and photos of himself in New York City, including a new one where he is riding the subway and letting everyone know he is out and about and not afraid of any gang retaliation!

"F--k it took the train today because I felt like it," the rainbow rapper captioned video of himself getting on the subway.

See The Insane Video!

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"I thought they said life was over :/" he added in a separate post.

The point is clear, Tekashi wants everyone to know...that even though he snitched on the Bloods gang, and was responsible for several ex-associates lengthy prison sentences, he is not afraid of any retaliation.

In the clip, the rapper even laughs and smiles while posing for photos on the train. In the past few days, the 'Gooba' star has been appearing all over the city including restaurants and even the park.

Tekashi even posed in front of a giant blow-up RAT!! (See Below)

Tekashi 69 Posed Next To A Giant Inflatable RAT!!


"You think 6ix9ine is the taking too much risk to roam around on the streets," one fan asked.

"He just provin that a lot of guys are all talk .. he's walking every day and nobody doing nothing like they talked," another added.

But, a few fans are pointing out that Tekashi is rolling with a huge security entourage who are sporting bulletproof vests, so obviously he is feeling the heat.

"Poor guy always trying to prove a point but he looks scared af... playing with fire might get you burned :/" one comment read. Adding, "Lmao everybody wearing vests you know he walks around with cops all day, of course, nobody gonna do nun, go out in the streets with no security👀 bet he won’t make it out."

Tekashi 6ix9ine: I Thought They Said New York Was Dangerous?!


Incredibly, Tekashi ended his day at a fun zone type location where he was able to jump in an indoor skydiving machine.

Of course, in the video, the rainbow rapper is having a great time and showing off for the cameras. Again, the point is clear he is out and about with no worries.

As we reported, Tekashi was released from prison partially due to worries about contracting COVID-19, but many have pointed out he is not wearing a mask in the videos.

"Wait didn't this man get released from jail early because he has asthma and was scared of getting the corona and now he's walking around New York getting on the subway with no mask?" a fan posted.

The whole thing just seems dangerous. Period.

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