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Tekashi 6ix9ine Hospitalized For An Injury To His Arm?! -- See The Video!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine just shared a video where it appears he is receiving treatment inside of a New York hospital for some sort of arm injury.

In a new video, posted on Instagram, Tekashi 69 appears to be in the middle of being fit for a cast on his right arm, but he was not very forthcoming with information about the incident.

In the clip, a medical professional is seen moving his thumb and hand around in the cast, and the rainbow rapper grimaces in pain.

Take A Look!

Tekashi 6ix9ine Posts Video Inside Hospital With Arm Injury!


We should note, Tekashi is very well known for trolling his fans and others online, so it's possible this is all something he is doing for that reason.

"I got caught lacking in these streets :/" Tekashi captioned the video inside of the medical office.

Of course, Tekashi's quote seems to reference some sort of issue he may have had while out on his now very public strolls on the streets of New York. Something most people think is highly DANGEROUS, considering he is a known snitch against the Bloods gang.

Could he really be telling the truth?!

It's Unclear What Happened, Or Even How Real This Is...


If you look closely, the hospital room looks legitimate, plus the medical professional is wearing some sort of badge. It sounds like his GF, Jade, is shooting the video, and everyone is wearing masks inside the facility.

Plus, Tekashi seems to have a wrist band for his admittance on the other arm. Our guess is if this was some type of set up for a music video, he would be wearing some special outfit, instead of just black sweatpants.

As you can imagine, his fans flooded his IG with questions. "What happened?" one person wrote.

"Hope you okay king," another said.

One person even wrote, "Since you like telling so much tell us what happened."

But, the rapper didn't explain, and with 6ix9ine, you never know what he has up his sleeve!

Check out the be the judge!

Rainbow Rapper Flashes $1 Million In CASH On Streets Of New York


The hospital room shots come on the heels of a very aggressive video posted by the rainbow rapper, which he calls out other rappers for not being able to live the life he is on the streets of New York.

In the clip, Tekashi is sitting at a restaurant in the city, and has placed 200K in cash right on the table in front of him. Also, T69 shows off another MILLION in a duffle bag sitting next to him on a chair.

The rapper goes off about how he is able, even with any ongoing threat, to sit with millions in cash and jewelry on him -- and not worry about the consequences.

"I live y’all “Gangsters” life everyday, the s--t ya say I couldn’t do this shit easy 😂😂😂 NOWWWWWWWWWWW living my life a DIFFERENT STORYYYYYYYYY," he captioned the video.

He's either crazy or really feels totally protected...You Gotta See This!

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