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Tekashi 6ix9ine Dangerously Hands Out $100 Bills In Streets Of New York -- Come And Get Me!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is playing with fire by cruising the streets of New York while handing out $100 dollars bills to kids, posing for photographs, and even playing soccer in the park. The rapper is doing all of this while calling out haters who think he should be afraid of gang retaliation.

Tekashi 69 wasted no time after being released from house arrest and has spend the last several days out in broad daylight hanging out with the citizens of his home town.

The rainbow rapper is posting photos and videos on Instagram of himself interacting and hanging out with the citizens of NY, and even teasing his possible rivals by saying, "I heard New York was dangerous smh."

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Calls Out His Haters, "I Heard New York Was Dangerous"


As you know, Tekashi snitched on the Blood Gang in NY and helped convict several of his old friends to lengthy prison sentences. The problem, even his own legal team is worried about retaliation being taken out against the rapper as soon as he was released.

Obviously, Tekashi does not CARE!

The 'Gooba' rapper has been out in public for the past few days hanging out with random people on the street. "King of New York I really be with the people I don’t care about the millions,' he wrote on IG.

"In the hood every day b---h I’m good what I say," he added.

Rainbow Rapper Poses With Fans In Streets Of New York


As you can see, the rapper is straight calling out any gangsters who may have an issue with him, which seems like a very dangerous proposition.

In one clip, you can see Tekashi handing out $100 bills to random kids on the street. He can be heard telling the kids to go buy themselves a pair of shoes.

Not everyone is convinced this is a good idea, and are calling him out for not wearing a mask and social distancing.

"Safe when you got the oops protecting you along with the price security you have.. but if someone wanted to get at you that bad, they would do it and your security would mean a thing. If there’s a will there’s a way," one follower wrote.

Tekashi Plays Dangerous Game Of Soccer In The Park!


"Bet you won't go in the projects and have this much fun 😂" one said.

Another added, "Rumors are security bill for this evening playing soccer was $50,000." In the IG videos, Tekashi also spent time in a park in NY, playing soccer and hanging out with a group of players.

"6ix9ine for the people now, gotta respect that he got out them streets when he could," one person wrote.

One follower even wrote, "The people that want him dead are smart as hell. They’re leaving him alone in an effort to lull him into submission; thus giving him the confidence to do a fan photoshoot; thus contracting the Rona, and dying that way with zero legal ramifications. 🌋"

Bottom line, one fan wrote, "If this is what snitch is, I want every person that’s successful to be a snitch!!! 69 is the man!! Haters could learn a thing or two!!"

So far, Tekashi has not run into any trouble since being released.

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