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Tekashi 6ix9ine's 'Finding Nemo' Diamond Shark Chain Is Worth Almost A MILLION Dollars

By Mike Walters

So how much would a gigantic 'Finding Nemo' diamond necklace like Tekashi 6ix9ines's cost you? -- If you believe him, almost a MILLION dollars!

The 'Gooda' rapper took to Instagram to show off the massive diamond necklace, and clarity to his fans just how much the monster piece was to purchase.

Tekashi 69 posted a video on the balcony of his New York rental home, and held up the blinged-out shark piece, zooming the camera in on the thousands of diamonds set on its face.

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According to Tekashi 69, the 'Finding Nemo' chain is worth a cool $750,000 and it was worth it because the shark figure is now the frontman for his hit new music video.

Shockingly, it is NOT the most expensive piece of jewelry being worn by the 'Gummo' rapper in the video -- Tekashi claims his new diamond watch is worth another 1 MILLION big ones!!

That's right -- if you count the other four rainbow-colored watches, Tekashi is sporting over 2 Million dollars of jewelry in this one-shot!

Take A Look!

Tekashi Is Sporting Over $2 Million Of Jewelry!!


Tekashi 69 has been lighting up Instagram from the moment he went back online, and he is clapping back at all the haters by flashing his extreme wealth.

Earlier today, the 'Gooda' rapper posted a picture from the very same balcony -- holding up what appeared to be $200,000 CASH! His girlfriend, Jade, got in on the action and posted another photo of the rapper holding a similar amount of cash in his bedroom.

Tekashi's can call him a snitch all you want -- but he is making MONEY!


6ix9ine Is Forced To Flee His Home After Neighbor Leaks His Location...


The problem is...Tekashi now has a HUGE problem after sharing the video his iced out body on Instagram.

Apparently, one of his neighbors saw the rapper out on his balcony and shared the location with people online. As you can imagine this is a gigantic security threat for Tekashi who may be targeted by gang members for his snitching.

According to one report, immediately after the video aired, Tekashi was rushed to a new location. The problem for him is that the specific address was approved by the court, and he cannot just pick up and move.

Tekashi's attorney says he has contacted the feds about the issue.

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