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Tekashi 6ix9ine Dangerously TOSSES Thousands Of Dollars In The Air On The Streets Of L.A!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is continuing his dangerous tour of the Los Angeles streets, and this time he decided to toss thousands of dollars into the air -- causing a massive panic of residents trying to grab the cash!

Tekashi 69 shared a video of the incident on Instagram, where it appears the rainbow rapper is strolling down the street in Beverly Hills doing some high-end shopping.

But, at one point, he decides to address the large crowd which started following him -- by tossing a ton of cash into the air to 'give back' to L.A!

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Tosses Thousands Of Dollars Into The Air -- People Go Nuts!!



In the clip, the crowd goes absolutely nuts, climbing over each other and jumping into the air to catch $100 bills that are floating down from the sky.

A few fans were not impressed by the gift, saying the 'Gooba' rapper is throwing money in one of the wealthiest areas of Los Angeles.

"Giving back? In Beverly Hills? 😂" one person said. "I’d be impressed if you threw money to the people who needed it tho not in front of these high-end stores..." another added.

The dangerous part is you can hear parts of the crowd start to turn on the rapper.

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See The Shocking Video!!


In the video, a part of the crowd is grabbing for the cash, but if you listen closely it sounds like a few residents are telling them NOT to take his money.

As you know, Tekashi was released from prison after snitching on members of his former gang, and his team is worried this has made him a target for gang retaliation.

But, the 'Punani' rapper's fans are calling people out for calling him a snitch but asking for photos with him when he arrived in L.A.

"Same people calling him a “snitch” online be the same ones asking him for a picture," one person wrote. "Only rapper that does this @6ix9ine keep it up 👍🏽" another said.

Watch The Shocking Video!

Is He Playing With Fire?


"The rat got LA acting like roaches," one upset resident posted after watching people fight over the cash.

As we reported, Tekashi is getting heat for showing up to the block Nipsey Hussle was killed to 'pay his respects.' To many, it was a major sign of disrespect, especially considering Nipsey's killer and the deceased rapper were reportedly having a conversation about snitching before he was murdered.

"Nipsey would b fuming 🐀," one person wrote.

Bottom line, it appears Tekashi's trip has been a success so far, and most people just want their picture taken with the rapper. At this point, he has had no issues with any people targeting him for the cash he is flashing, or his turning state's evidence.

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