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Tekashi 6ix9ine Escapes L.A. UNHARMED By Dangerous Street Antics!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine just jetted off from Los Angeles escaping any harm from his dangerous street antics -- and decided to include one final troll, showing his security guards forcing him to leave by carrying him onto a private jet!

Tekashi 69 posted a video on Instagram which features one of his bodyguards lifting him off of the ground and literally carrying him across the tarmac and into a waiting private jet.

The rainbow rapper is making a joke out of the fact he doesn't want to leave the City of Angels, even after being able to complete several dangerous stunts, unfazed.

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Tekashi Shows Himself Being Carried By Security Onto His Private Jet!


"I didn't want to leave LA :/ .......... security thinks they the boss of me 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔," Tekashi captioned the video.

Again, Tekashi is taunting anyone who said he couldn't visit L.A due to the impending danger that comes with his presence. As we reported, the rapper's legal team is worried about his safety due to possible gang retaliation. Plus, the last time he visited, his music video shoot erupted in gunfire.

It appears, the rainbow rapper is headed by to New York, but not before he taunted any 'gangsters' with a video of his exact location in the Hollywood Hills.

'I Didn't Want To Leave L.A., Security Thinks They The Boss Of Me!'


Of course, not everyone thinks it's funny, and are pointing out just how dangerous his stunts and street antics are for his safety.

"Enjoy some months before your death 🐀," one person ominously posted. "Ok bro it’s over now just go live happy ever after in the woods somewhere," another added.

As for his security, "If they weren’t with u, prettyyyyy sure u would be dead rn😂," a fan wrote.

"They not stupid they don't get paid if u dead," a person added.

As we reported, Tekashi spent several days making appearances all over Los Angeles and dangerously tossing $100 bills into the air in several locations.

Check Out The Video!!


A few fans enjoyed Tekashi's final trolling L.A video, pointing out how funny it was that the security almost slammed his head into the car door!

"He almost hit his head on the trunk. I would of been screammmmmingggg," one person posted. "Just for a second, I thought they were going to throw him in the trunk," one added.

"I Mess With This Guy Heavy You can’t lie he’s funny 😂😂."

Bottom line, we have to agree with this one, "This dude really clowns on EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD 😂"

It's unclear if Tekashi had any other business in Los Angeles besides showing up to film a few stunts and trolling anyone who said he couldn't do it.

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