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Tekashi 6ix9ine BLASTS Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber -- You're Not The Real #1!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is going OFF on Ariana Grande & Justin Beiber -- claiming Billboard is manipulating the music charts to cheat him out of the #1 spot!

Tekashi 69 just posted a scathing video on Instagram, explaining why he believes the music industry is "illegally" stealing his rightful crown away from being at the very top of the Billboard charts.

Not only is he upset, but the rainbow rapper also says he can actually prove it and is sharing it with the world!

"BILLBOARD DONT LIKE TATTLETALES😒@billboard explain this to the millions of artists who never got #1 because you guys play favorites," he captioned the video.

Take A Look!

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Tekashi Says Billboard Charts Are Manipulated -- He Is #1!


In the video, Tekashi shows his massive fan base an email that is given to the biggest companies in the music industry (ie. Sony, Universal) where they get a sense of what songs will be in the top 10.

Tekashi claims that Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber's record "Stuck With U" was only going to hit #5 on the charts, but somehow "illegally" they were able to add 60,000 units overnight -- making it #1!

Tekashi is bitter, and claims the chart is being manipulated by titans in the industry to hold him down. The rainbow rapper even showed a Billboard promotion for 'Stuck With U" as evidence of the alleged issue.

So, now what?

See Tekashi 69's "Proof" & Hear His Scathing RANT!!

6ix9ine says by posting the video, he is putting the world on notice -- and that 'Gooba' has been streamed over 200 MILLON times, so it is the obvious #1. Period.

Of course, Tekashi's fans agree and are lighting up Instagram in his support. "They do that with acting too. It’s all rigged hunty🔥" one person wrote.

"They playing with you bro. You’re #1... media is controlled by the elitists and they don’t like you. You the champ right now regardless. Easy to see based on #’s." another person added.

See Tekashi's Rant!

Ariana Grande's Fan FIRE Back...Your Music Is Trash!

As for Ariana's position, her fans are doing the talking for her...

"Ariana Grande is one of the most famous singers in the world. she is # 1, not only because she has a fantastic voice, but also because she is very creative in her songs and puts a lot of effort into her work ... that's why her songs are so famous .... she toured fantastically... she = # 1👑👑," one person lashed out at the rapper.

Another added, "Everything doesn't have to be a competition. ari winning cus she ain't competing with you or anyone else. i MEAN this in the nicest way possible but i don't see how people listen to your trash music. stay cool. sit down and be humble for a change. you ain't all that."

Your move, Billboard.

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