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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Album Sales Projections PLUMMET, Rival Rappers Destroy Him Online!!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine is getting a taste of his own medicine after several rival rappers are TROLLING him online after numbers indicate his projected album sales may come in way lower than expected!

Tekashi 69 boasted over the fact that his album, Tattle Tales, was expected to pull 150,000 sales in the first week, which would put him securely on the top of the music charts.

But, a new report now suggests the number might be as low as 50,000 -- and it's based on rules connected to mercandise bundling with music, and how its counted.

As you can imagine, a few of Tekashi's rivals are BLASTING him over the revelation!

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The problem is many artists are not quick to boast about their numbers until they actually come in, but Tekashi is known to get into heated debates with other artists including Lil' Durk and Smokepurpp about their numbers.

As we reported, while promoting the album, Tekashi took a dangerous trip to Chicago's O-block to 'pay respects' to Durk's dead cousin. Many saw it as the ultimate sign of disrespect.

So, Lil Durk wasted no time in TROLLING Tekashi over the latest album sales snafu, and posted, "This what happens when you go against the voice lol ima our sell him with my eyes closed," referring the release of his album sometime in October.

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Blueface, Lil Durk DESTROY Tekashi 69 Over Low Album Sales!


Another rapper Tekashi has been beefing with, Blueface, also joined in the conversation hammering the rainbow rapper over his lower sales numbers.

"Dam he would still be alive rn if n----s ain’t gas him up," he wrote.

As for how such a massive drop is possible, Tekashi's BFF Akademiks weighed in on the conversation to explain how something like this is could happen.

Apparently, the plummeting numbers are a result of a new bundling rule, rendering a fair number of his streams and sale "ineligible."

In other words, any music sold connected to merchandise (like a sweater) could not be counted.

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The Issue Could Be Connected To 'Invalid' Merchandise Bundle Sales!


This exact issue was pushed to the forefront after DJ Khaled lost the top spot to Tyler the Creator, after losing a chunk of his counted sales to bundling issues.

At the time, both Khaled and Tyler used bundling to push sales, including clothing, buttons, even yard signs. But, DJ K's energy drink promotion was considered an "invalid merchandise bundle" and not counted.

As we reported, Tekashi went OFF on the music industry for claims Apple and Spotify wouldn't feature his album on the main page of their services near other 'new music.'

So how does Tekashi feel about it?

We are guessing he is about to rant on Instagram in 3...2...1!

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