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'Teen Mom' Star Arrested For Alleged Assault On A Family Member Causing Bodily Injury

By Mike Walters

A 'Teen Mom' star has been arrested for assault on a family member in connection with a domestic situation, and it isn't the first time the family has had run-ins with the law.

'Teen Mom' veteran Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber Baltierra was arrested on Nov. 10, 2019, for "assault causing bodily injury/family violence" and was booked into a Texas jail.

According to Williamson County, Texas jail records, obtained by The Blast, Amber was booked into Williamson County's main jail in Georgetown, Texas and bonded out the next day on a $1,500 bond the next day.

Amber, who has appeared on 'Teen Mom' alongside her brother Tyler, has had issues with sobriety, and their father Butch has been featured for years dealing with his own drug addiction issues.

The Mugshot

Williamson County Sheriff's Dept.

In this case, according to several messages on Amber's social media, the fight stems from a disagreement with her ex-boyfriend about possible infidelity. Amber has taken to Instagram in the last few days to address her ex and his alleged new girlfriend.

Amber posted video on video, proudly displaying her 18-month sobriety chip from Alcoholics Anonymous. The 32-year-old reality star went to rehab in 2018.

During a recent Instagram post, Amber revealed she had gone to her ex-boyfriend's house to speak to him and admits she "lost it." Amber alleges she saw a woman leaving the home and she and her ex 'got into a fight,' leaving him with an injury on his forehead.

Baltierra posted several text messages that seem to be from one of the people involved in the incident and she responded to the back and forth.

Arrested For Assault Causing Bodily Injury/ Family Violence

Williamson County Sheriff's Dept.

"This is what I get after posting on here about how she’s obsessed with me 😂 she doesn’t even live in the same house as my children and I have thanked her more than enough times for what she has done for my children. They are 11 and 12. Does everyone forget who raised them the first 10 years like 🤷🏼‍♀‍ and if this is the person who is “raising” my kids well then... all I’m gonna say is no wonder my kids complain about her all the time and how nasty and mean she is to them? Like, look how she talks. But she’s a grown-a** woman who is so much better right?" Amber posted online.

The 'Teen Mom' star also addressed reality show fans allegedly attacking her ex or his GF via show fan pages, saying, "She should be focusing on getting a house for her three kids and how to act right so matt don’t break up with her every other month but no she’s worried about teen mom hate groups and social media!"

'Teen Mom' Stars Family and Custody Issues


At the end of the message, she does concede that the person has helped with her children while she was receiving treatment.

"She took care of my kids' last school year YES. I have talked to her face to face about how thankful I am for that! That’s all this woman has on me is throwing my kids in my face. She can’t even handle her own children let alone mine. I’m just so over these raging ignorant texts she sends. I don’t even respond honestly. It’s just time to start showing everyone the real her. You should see the texts she sends my daughter 👀 okay end rant!"

'Teen Mom' Stars Legal Problems


Following her arrest, Amber posted video on Instagram seemingly addressing the actual fight, saying, "At the end of the day, we're still human - we're still human. We're sick in many different ways, but there is no man, there's no situation, and there's nothing on this earth that's worth more than my kids are worth more than a bottle."

Amber has reportedly had a string of run-ins with the an arrested in 2013 for possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a restricted license after police said she had smoked marijuana in her car.

Amber's brother, Tyler Baltierra, is a mainstay on 'Teen Mom OG' with his wife Catelynn Lowell, who joined him on the hit series first reality show, '16 & Pregnant.'

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