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'Teen Mom' Star Tyler Baltierra Blasts Presidential Debate As 'Ridiculous, Dishonorable'

By Mike Walters

'Teen Mom' star Catelynn Lowell's husband, Tyler Baltierra is hammering both Presidential candidates for a first debate which he calls, 'dishonorable.'

The 'Teen Mom: OG' star issued a lengthy statement on Instagram describing what he called a 'ridiculous' debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and like many others who listened last night, belives not much was accomplished.

The reality star admits he isn't always political on social media and doesn't flood his 3 Million followers with messages about his voting opinions but felt this was important enough to be discussed publically.

Interestingly, he appears to be going after both candidates. See Below.

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'Teen Mom' Star Says The Presidential Debate Was 'Absolutely Ridiculous'


"I don't post my political views on social media. I don't share memes to subliminally display my beliefs & opinions. I don't blindly spread misinformation that has no credibility. However, that debate was just absolutely ridiculous. It was dishonorable. It was embarrassing. It lacked productivity. It lacked intelligence," he wrote on IG.

It should be noted, the overall consensus of the debate was that the candidates talked over each other and hurled insults, and not a lot of pure debate over important topics was showcased.

See His Message...

'If You Were An Undecided Voter Before That Debate, I Sympathize With You'


"If you were an undecided voter before that debate, I sympathize with you. I just hope after watching it, you open your mind to really digest what was said, what behavior was displayed, & which questions were answered with dignity. Please don't allow self-serving justifications to fuel any cognitive dissonance. Just follow your soul's heart & vote with love & empathy for other human beings!" Tyler continued.

Tyler's wife, and 'Teen Mom' star Catelynn Lowell, agreed with her husband's sentiments and commented, "Yesssss babe!!!!!"

The couple's fans also lit up his IG to give their two cents as well.

See Below...

'That Was An Embarrassment To Our Country'


"That was an embarrassment to our country and a straight train wreck, to be honest, I thought the way Donald Trump openly interrupting Joe Biden was a clear lack of respect and self-control and disgraceful, I had to turn it off towards the ends bcuz it sounded like a kid screaming trying to defend his lies," one fan posted.

"The fact that we need to tell a president how to act a president is ridiculous!" another added.

According to reports, the Commission on Presidential Debates is considering adding additional 'structure' to the next debate to ensure it is conducted in an 'orderly' fashion.

“The Commission is grateful to Chris Wallace for the professionalism and skill he brought to last night’s debate and intends to ensure that additional tools to maintain order are in place for the remaining debates,” they said in a statement.

How about bringing in the 'Teen Mom' cast?! Juuust a thought.

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