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Jenelle Evans' Ex David Eason Removes Wedding Ring, See The Gross Damage!

By Whitney Vasquez

This will make you never want to wear your wedding ring ever again! "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans' estranged husband has removed his wedding band following their turbulent split and his finger is beyond repair. David Eason made fans gasp when he took off his once symbolic marriage band on Wednesday, just one day after she filed a restraining order against him. Showcasing the before and after, the MTV star's ex made fans quiver by showcasing the nasty aftermath from the removal of his silver band.

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David Eason, 31, appeared to look for sympathy from his 400k Instagram followers when he showed a close-up photo showing that he had still been wearing his metal band. "I guess I can take this off now..." he captioned the snap and added a disappointed looking emoji. As The Blast reported, Jenelle Evans got a restraining order against her estranged husband which prohibits him from posting about her on social media. According to the documents, the MTV star stated she was concerned for her and her children's safety after a string of abusive behavior at the hands of her ex.

After: See The Damage!


While he's technically not talking about Jenelle Evans on his IG, he's walking a fine line today. Removing his wedding band for the world to see, he revealed the nasty damage that's been done to his ring finger. Showing a photo after the removal, he displayed severe peeling and a gnarly band tan. It also looked as if the ring had been squeezing his finger a little too tight. "Its [sic] gonna take some time for that finger to heal up," David Eason wrote on the close-up snap. In all fairness, the guy works with his hands every day and was just wielding some knives prior to their separation announcement.

It's Over!


Jenelle Evans picked an interesting day to announce she had filed for divorce from David Eason because she chose to do it on Halloween. Revealing the news in a lengthy Instagram post, the "Teen Mom" star admitted their relationship "hasn't been pretty." Jenelle stated, "I've mostly kept off social media the past few days because I've been focused on making some big life decisions. I've lifed [sic] my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And alot of it hasn't been pretty. But it's been my life."

Continuing with the announcement, she stated, "Like anyone else I want what's best for my kids and I want to be happy. With time away from Teen Mom I've started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I'm starting that now." She also said she and the children moved "away from David." Stating she's just doing "what is best for me, and for my kids," Jenelle Evans revealed she had filed paperwork to end the marriage that day.

Restraining Order Details:


The MTV star got a restraining order against David Eason on Tuesday after he called her "stupid" on social media. When a fan commented on a photo of Jenelle and stated, "So glad Jenelle got smart," Eason replied, "Nope, she's still stupid." In the documents, she said his threatening behavior has "escalated" recently and "because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children's well-being."

Jenelle Evans listed out examples of 11 different incidents of alleged abuse she reportedly experienced at the hands of David over the past two years. According to E! the order of protection was issued and is in place for Jenelle and her three kids, Jace Evans, Kaiser Griffith, and 2-year-old Ensley. Jenelle and David have only married since 2017.

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