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An Alleged Altercation

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been at the center of a domestic abuse case with her ex Andrew Glennon that boiled over on July 4th. The couple had clearly been having issues long before them, but the thing that broke them up for good was a fight where Portwood allegedly threatening Glennon with a machete. Portwood managed to avoid jail time for domestic battery, but she accepted a plea deal that includes "one felony charge for the incident" and one year of probation.

Proof Of The Argument

TMZ has obtained video and audio of the fight, which was captured on their Ring doorbell system. It's a brutal watch and listen, and Portwood comes off as extremely aggressive. After a tense holiday outing with their one-year-old son James, Portwood blows up, screaming at Glennon through the door.

"Get your stuff and go. I will call the police. Do not do this. I do not want your stuff to get f--king stolen. I’m trying to be nice right now, I swear. I’m on the edge. Get your stuff. Bring my son back right now. This is absolutely f--king disgusting, and you’re the most immature, f--king disgusting person ever."

Where Do They Go From Here?

At this point in the audio, you can hear Glennon yelling at Portwood from inside the house, accusing her of trying to hurt herself and "eating all your f--king medication."

Oh good one. Nice one, babe. Very motherly. You’re going to be a good mom. Eating all your f--king medication, saying you’re going to kill yourself. What the f--k is wrong with you? You just… do I need to call an ambulance?"

Portwood then starts clapping and lets out a sarcastic "bravo." Glennon asks if she's "going to get a f--king machete," and then she apparently does, because you can hear three loud bangs on the door when she is allegedly striking the door with the weapon.

Amber Posts Cryptic Responses On Instagram

Back in September, Glennon addressed the incident with Hollywood Life, saying:

"[Amber and I] were a family once, but her healing is a road that must be boldly walked alone, and I know it will fork and cross paths to new destinations and with new lovely people down the line. I just hope this really saves her life, because I saw someone dying inside and it made me die inside… and I’ve never been more scared in my life."

Portwood hasn't directly addressed the fact that the footage is out, but she has been posting cryptic lyrics on her Instagram.

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