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'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Avoids Jail Time in Domestic Violence Case

By Ryan Naumann

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood narrowly avoided being thrown in jail in the criminal case accusing her of pulling a machete on her baby daddy.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the reality star was in court today and pleaded “guilty to Count 1 Domestic Battery (Level 6 Felony) and was sentenced. Ms. Portwood was sentenced to 2.5 years of Probation (906 days).

She was facing a year behind bars for her alleged attack against her ex, Andrew Glennon.

Per the plea agreement, Portwood can leave the state of Indiana for employment purposes. She has to get approval if she plans to leave for other reasons.

Portwood will have to complete 26 weeks of court-ordered parenting classes, submit to mental health evaluation and treatment along with a substance abuse evaluation. She also has to complete a batterer’s intervention program.

The “Teen Mom” star will have to submit to random urine and breath testing while on probation. Her probation officer will request a minimum of 1 time per month.

Once her probation officer notifies her, she has 24 hours to “find an appropriate facility to complete the testing and the results must be released directly to probation.”

Further, the judge ordered Portwood to have no contact with Glennon. The no-contact order can be modified if her ex wishes. The order has a provision allowing Portwood to talk to Glennon for arranging custody and visitation of their one-year-old son.

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Portwood needs to stay out of trouble while on probation or she is facing serious jail time. The agreement says she could be hit with 5 years for violating.

It states if, “the Court determines the Defendant is in violation of probation then the Defendant shall be sanctioned to five years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.”

Further, “Provided there are no proven violations of probation Count 1 will be dismissed and Count 4 will be given alternative misdemeanor sentence upon the defendant's successful completion of probation.”

The reality star scored a huge break in the criminal case.


As The Blast previously reported, Portwood was arrested following a domestic violence incident with her baby daddy Andrew Glennon. The reality star was charged with domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and a felony domestic battery.

During the fight, Portwood allegedly pulled a machete on Glennon during the attack.

Prosecutors had been entering evidence into the case including Portwood’s texts, emails and videos. They had over 20 photographs of the alleged injuries and 3 videos from a Ring camera listed as evidence.


Following the arrest, Glennon filed suit against Portwood seeking primary custody of their 1-year-old son, James. He wants her to only have supervised visitation. He also originally asked the court for permission to move to California. Portwood objected to the move demanding her child stay in Indiana.

The two recently reached a temporary deal where Glennon agreed not to move their kid to California.

The documents read, “court is presented with a mediated agreement with regard to custody and Court accepts this agreement and now orders this matter transferred to Circuit Court for all subsequent hearings.”

Further, “Court notes that parties agree that father will not relocate until such time as an evidentiary hearing. Court notes that paternity is established and a decree of paternity has been issued.

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