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Sheryl Crow Tells Taylor Swift She Needs 'To Calm Down' Over Scooter Braun Buying Her Masters

By Mike Walters

Sheryl Crow is giving Taylor Swift a few pointers when it comes to being upset over Scooter Braun buying her masters, and that sound advice comes right from the singers own new music...she needs to calm down.

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The 'If It Makes You Happy' singer appeared on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live' recently when a fan called in to asked the star about the Swift vs. Braun controversy.


Her answer was a bit different from what you would expect, "As someone who’s been in the music industry for three decades, it’s not unusual for masters to change ownership numerous times."


She continued, “I will say one thing about masters. I signed with a record label 30 years ago and within 5 years it became owned by Interscope, and then Interscope got bought by Universal...these things, that’s just the way the business goes,” the singer advised.

Its interesting, most artists like Sheryl have shown their support to Swift saying that artist's should have the right to own they own masters. But, Sheryl has been around the block, and she knows that's just not what happens in the current music industry.


As we reported, Taylor Swift plans to re-record her first 6 albums after Scooter Braun purchased music label Big Machine along with her catalog.

In a recent interview, Swift made it clear she did not know the label boss would sell her music to Scooter, “I knew [Borchetta] would sell my music. I knew he would do that. I couldn’t believe who he sold it to. Because we’ve had endless conversations about Scooter Braun. And he has 300 million reasons to conveniently forget those conversations.”

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