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Taylor Swift Screws With Scooter Braun's $300 Million Purchase of Her Music Catalog

By Ryan Naumann

Taylor Swift is using a creative loophole to counter Scooter Braun dropping $300 million dollars to buy her music catalog, revealing plans to rerecord her first six albums, which could cause Braun to lose a ton of cash.

The singer sat down for an interview with Tracy Smith on "CBS Sunday Morning," where she denied her label head Scott Borchetta’s claims of being offered the chance to buy her catalog. She claims to have first heard about it online despite Borchetta’s story.

Swift continued to stand by her story and called out her former boss in the interview. When asked if she would re-record her entire first six albums to gain control of the masters, Swift said, “Yeah, absolutely.”

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Swift has stood her ground in the ongoing feud with Braun over his $300 million deal with Big Machine Label Group founder Scott Borchetta, which gave his company the masters to all her songs prior to the upcoming album “Lover”.

Giphy | 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

She has expressed outrage over not being offered the right to purchase the masters, calling the Braun deal the “worst case scenario”. Swift claimed she was offered an extension of her recording contract with Big Machine Records, which had a provision that would eventually allow her to buy the music.

Giphy | 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Braun’s investment company, Ithaca Holdings, recently dropped the massive amount to get the rights. Braun has denied any shadiness involved with the deal and got support from Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato on social media.

Swift’s new album is released this Friday, music that Braun will not profit a dime from.

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