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Taylor Swift Ghosted Scooter Braun After He Called Over Music Deal

By Mike Walters

Scooter Braun took the first step in trying to reach out for communication with Taylor Swift to try and resolve their differences, but she's apparently not interested in talking it out.

Sources connected to the deal tell us Justin Bieber's manager reached out through mutual friends Monday morning to engage in a "mature and private" phone call with Swift.

We're told Braun was eager to explain his position to the "ME!" singer, and also discuss the shock over her reaction to the deal's public announcement.

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Giphy | Taylor Swift

We're told Braun is genuinely "shocked" by Swift's public reaction, and is "very hurt" by the entire situation.

He is confused as to why Swift would attack him when she knew all along his investment company was in the running to purchase Big Machine Records and own her masters.

Our sources say Braun wants to discuss with Swift about the business aspects of the purchase, and to make sure she knows he's a big fan of the "You Need to Calm Down" singer.

We're told he wants Swift to understand the main reason he purchased her catalogue is because he believes in her music and in her future.

Giphy | Taylor Swift

We're told Braun is also asking his other artists, including Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Bieber, to not engage Swift or respond to her accusations in a negative way.

We're told he feels social media is a horrible arena to discuss the sensitive issue, and doesn't feel online bullying is helping contribute to a resolution between the groups.


As we reported, Swift's former record label boss claims the move between Braun and Big Machine Records founder, Scott Borchetta, was nothing personal, and that she was given an opportunity to purchase her own masters, which she turned down.

"We are an independent record company. We do not have tens of thousands of artists and recordings. My offer to Taylor, for the size of our company, was extraordinary," the exec explained.


He also claimed Taylor's dad, Scott, knew all about the deal, writing, "Scott Swift, was a shareholder in Big Machine Records, LLC. We first alerted all of the shareholders on Thursday, June 20th for an official shareholder’s call scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th. On the 6/25 call the shareholders were made aware of the pending deal with Ithaca Holdings and had 3 days to go over all of the details of the proposed transaction."

Since Swift went public with her disdain for the deal, celebrities have been taking sides as the move has turned more into a personal attack on Braun's character.

Stars like Cara Delevingne have taken Swift's side, while Demi Lovato has made it clear she believes Braun is a good person.

It's unclear if the singer will take up Braun on his offer and have a constructive phone call about the future of their business relationship, but so far it has been radio silence.

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