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Taylor Swift Has a Plan to Hurt Scooter Braun’s Bottom Line and It Goes Beyond Just Re-Recording Her Music

By Mike Walters

Taylor Swift plans on re-recording her first five albums to diminish the value of the masters purchased by Scooter Braun and we are told it doesn't stop there ... she has a few other tricks up her sleeve to prevail in their ongoing battle.

According to sources close to the situation, these are the several ways Taylor plans to exert control over the exploitation of her music.

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First, there is the issue of "sync license" rights. Basically, if anyone wants to license one of her original songs in a movie, commercial, or other media, Taylor, as the music's songwriter, can say NO.

Once she records her new version of the music, she can then license that version of the same song to the same companies.

Taylor's music has already been used by companies like Disney for "The Secret Life of Pets."


Second, while Scooter DOES have the right to use the music for digital streaming and radio play, Taylor can offer her newly-recorded versions of the same songs to radio stations and streaming services.

The issue then will become Scooter's ability to leverage his relationships with those companies to use his version and not hers.

Either way, there will be two versions of each song out there for fans to choose from and which one do you think her fans will choose?

Which leads us to ...


The Swifties!

Taylor has some of the most loyal fans in the world. She will rely heavily on the fact that if her fanbase is given a choice of two different versions of the same song, they will choose door #2.

And if you haven't met Taylor fans yet, best believe they could have a MAJOR impact on all of this.


The one thing Taylor cannot change when she records the new songs is her voice. Taylor was much younger when she recorded the first few albums but we're told she feels her voice is BETTER now and thinks the new songs will reflect that.

As Taylor has pointed out this week in interviews, there IS a clause in her Big Machine contract where she cannot record the same music but that all ends in November of 2020.


As we first reported, Taylor Swift is using a loophole to counter Scooter Braun dropping $300 million to buy her music catalog. She revealed plans to rerecord her first six albums, which could cause Braun to lose a ton of cash.

Swift was outraged over not being offered the right to purchase the masters, calling the Braun deal the “worst case scenario."

She said at the time that she was only offered an extension of her recording contract with Big Machine Records, which had a provision that would eventually allow her to buy the music.

Taylor has a long-standing beef with Braun and made her feelings about him buying her masters very clear.

Swift’s new album (outside of Braun and Big Machine) will be released Friday.

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