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Taylor Swift Re-Recording Her Albums Will Spike Streaming Sales Of Her Originals

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Mike Walters

The dust has finally settled after Taylor Swift went public about wanting to own her own masters. But, we're told her plan to re-record her first few albums, will skyrocket the streaming profits of the originals.

Music industry insiders tell us, there is precedent for situations similar to this situation.

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Mega successful musical acts almost always put out several versions of their original music. For example, most artists like Taylor Swift, almost always have a live album or greatest hits version of the top selling singles. But, unlike ever before in history, a fortune is made in streaming the biggest hits.


We're told what happens in these situations, is the fans of the original music will be reinvigorated to go and listen to the originals online once they hear about the new recordings.

The live, or re-recording, of the music isn't exactly the same and a large group of the fans end up streaming the originals when the new music is put out.

This is Scooter Braun's business. So....


But, it doesn't look like it will work for the streaming sales, in fact it will most likely spike the streaming sales of the new music. As most music attorneys will confirm, the streaming sales and live touring is where big money is now in the industry.

Scooter Braun and his investment company are heavily involved in the music streaming business, i.e. the $300 Million dollar purchase.


Sheryl Crow addressed this situation in an interview on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live' saying her masters had changed hands several times. It is just the music industry.

But, most celebrities have stayed out of this Taylor vs. Scooter battle. Why? The Swifties!

Taylor Swift has rabid fans who are very vocal about opposition to the singer. So, most celebrities, have stayed out voicing an opinion.

Bottom Line: Both Sides Will Get Richer, Real Rich!

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