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Taylor Swift Says Demi Moore Got The 'Last Laugh' After Reading Her Memoir

By Jeff Mazzeo

Taylor Swift may need to start a book club and follow Oprah lead because the singer gushed about how much she loved Demi Moore's New York Times best-selling memoir, "Inside Out."

The 29-year-old recently sat down with PEOPLE after being named one of four entertainers honored as People of the Year and expressed her love for Moore's book.

Demi's memoir details her life from childhood to when she was the highest-paid actress in the industry. Moore wrote all about the best and worst parts of her life and took the public through her journey of raising three daughters and navigating her three marriages, including her marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

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Taylor Can Relate


“I couldn’t put it down. You read it in two days!” Swift told PEOPLE. “I was thinking about how when she was the highest-paid actress, she was just punished ruthlessly for it. That’s so wrong, and she was treated so badly in that moment.”

Swift made a connection with Moore when it was announced that she was the highest-paid actress and could relate because she is the highest-paid female performer.

“I feel like finally she’s getting the last laugh because [now] people are like ‘Yeah! That’s great that you were the highest-paid actress,'” she continued. “She owns a lot in the book, and it’s really well-written.”

Why Demi Waited So Long


When Moore was making the rounds to promote her new book in October, she appeared on the podcast, "Present Company with Krista Smith," and revealed the reason she took so long to tell her truth. Demi explained that she did not want to make waves while her daughters were younger and said it would have been "too complicated."

“There’s things in there… it’s not that I wanted to keep it from them or hide anything, it’s just stuff that you don’t necessarily... when they’re younger, want to bring forward. It would be either too complicated or inappropriate, and then there’s some stuff that you just don’t think about. Then at the end of the book, there’s also some things that are reflective of a painful time in my life, but also of theirs.”

Moore went on to say that the book allowed her family to address some things that they have kept quiet for too long and gave them "a greater opportunity to even heal on a deeper level with some of the stuff that had been happening, but in doing this, it’s like remembering what’s my story, and what’s someone else’s.”

All of her daughters supported her mom and publicly stated that they were proud of her.

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