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Tool Fans Rejoice As New Album Continues to Dominate Taylor Swift's 'Lover'

By Gary Trock

Taylor Swift fans have been in a tizzy ever since the rock band, Tool, appeared ready to knock "Lover" out of the top Billboard spot.

Tool's "Fear Inoculum" was released on August 30, the first from the band in 13 years, and appears to be racking up the numbers to displace Swift's new album from the coveted Billboard 200.


"Lover" was released on August 23, and immediately hit #1, thanks to many bundling options, with almost 900,000 album sales in the first week.

However, after the initial rush from Swifties, "Lover" is expected to close out the week at under 200,000 sales.

Fear Inoculum

"Fear Inoculum" is currently on pace to surpass that, and possibly reach as high as 260,000 album sales, which would catapult the '90s rock group above the pop icon.

Swifties have literally been freaking out, hitting social media grassroots style to stream and purchase as much of "Lover" as humanly possible.

Many of T. Swift's fans have also been trying to figure out just exactly what Tool is, with messages being circulated asking, "Who the f--k is Tool?!"


The battle is definitely going to the rock crowd, however, and fans of Tool are loving the looming victory.

"Hahahahaha ... all you #Lover streamers need to get some education in music, Tool is one of the best 90s-2000s rock bands ever, and if you think every dad, angsty teen, and rock loving millennial isn’t gonna stream the F--K outta that album, y’all dumb af."

Another Tool fan got super graphic, tweeting out, "#sorrynotsorry #Swifties but ya girl taylorswift1 can choke on @Tool's [eggplant emoji] because #fearinnoculum is #Badass and #Lover is [puke emoji.]

Others are taking a more neutral approach, commenting, "I mean I like Tool and Taylor Swift. You can like both ya know. You don't have to be rude."

The battle wages on, but according to Chart Data, Tool's album crossed the 200,000 mark on Thursday.

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