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Be Like Taylor


Pet owners are always on the lookout for the next cute thing in which to transport their tiny dog or cat. It seems the usual practice, of carrying the animal in an oversized pocketbook, with said tiny pet peeking out, can get tiresome.

Now you can almost be like Taylor Swift and her cat, Olivia, whenever they go jetting around the world. Swift apparently makes sure Olivia gets safely stowed away in a special backpack that has a literal plastic dome for the cat to see out at all times.

The cat backpack has been seen in the new Netflix documentary: "Taylor Swift: Miss Americana," and now you can buy it on Amazon, though it will cost extra to have the same color Swift has.

Cat-Approved Round Containers Only


The ANXUAN portable, airline-approved pet carrier backpack costs about $50 on Amazon, and comes in pink and yellow. But Swift's backpack was brown, you say? No worries, you can get that too, it will just cost you about $77.

According to Amazon, the pet carrier backpack is not only good for cats, but for small and medium dogs and puppies.

It sort of looks like those round dryer windows you see at laundromats, where you can watch the clothes spin around and around. That's not recommended for live animals, though.

Birds-Eye View


That round window might be the best feature: Your pet can use that plastic globe to gaze out at all times, while still being protected from harm.

Amazon likens the dome to a sort of interplanetary transportation device:

"Space capsule design makes this chest bag cool and futuristic. Bubble window can provide security and ease anxiety for your lovely pets. Convenient to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with your furry friend for hiking, travel, outdoor activities."

Safety First


Special features and accessories include a little clip inside that you can use on your cat's collar to keep him or her from jumping out and sprinting away. The backpack also has air holes so that the animal can breathe, which is kind of important for all animals.

Vulture adds that since the bottom of the backpack is hard, it makes it a bit cumbersome for the human to wear.

Users say an additional feature of the cat backpack is that it has three doors -- so three different places to try to get your cat in it, in case the cat's not a huge fan of small, portable spaces.

Another piece of advice? Make sure you keep the backpack zipped up, just in case your cat decides to make a run for it.

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