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'Tarzan' 911 Call: Ron Ely's Son Told Cops Famous Father Attacked Mother

By Gary Trock

The deadly incident that took place at Ron Ely's home is getting weirder because the initial 911 call came in claiming the "Tarzan" star was actually attacking his wife.

The Blast obtained the emergency dispatch call from the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office detailing the response to the home of 81-year-old Isly, who starred as Tarzan on the classic 1966 TV series.

According to officials, the original caller was a young male who claimed that his "father tried to attack the mother."

The dispatcher noted that the reporting party quickly hung up and that when they called back sounded "out of breath, unintelligible and crying," which definitely set off alarms for law enforcement.


When deputies arrived at Ely's home, they immediately notified that a victim was down due to a "187," the universal police code for murder.

The victim has since been identified as Ely's wife, former Miss Florida Valerie Lundeen, according to Daily Mail.

Officials announced they made contact with Ely, who is described as an "elderly gentleman," but said that he had a speech impediment that made communicating difficult.

Ely was able to tell deputies that it was his son who attacked his wife and then allegedly drove off.

The deputy explained that he was going to begin clearing the house in search of the suspect, as they were not sure he had actually left.


They eventually did encounter the man, and he was killed during a shootout after allegedly posing a threat to deputies.

Cops have not confirmed that the fatally wounded suspect is Ely's son, but the narrative from the dispatch makes it pretty clear he was the person they were after.

Ely was unharmed in the incident and transported to the hospital to get checked out.

He has not issued any statements on the death of his wife or his son's involvement.


3:45 PM PT -- Officials now confirm 62-year-old Valerie Lundeen Ely died from multiple stab wounds after being attacked by 30-year-old Cameron Ely, who was fatally shot after confronting deputies outside the home.

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