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Warning ⚠️YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's Engagement Pics Are NSFW

By Whitney Vasquez

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau just released what really went down at their engagement shoot and the proof will leave you blushing.

The recently engaged YouTubers shared the NSFW pics on Thursday and each one is raunchier than the next.

Warning for scrollers: make sure your boss isn't looking over your shoulder.

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Bent over in her dress, while her husband-to-be stands behind her, Tana playfully poses in a compromising position with their dog close by -- see what they did there?

The sign Tana is holding reads "Mr. & Mrs. Paul," but if you look closer they may be giving a hint to the question fans have been wonder since they announced their engagement.

The word "clout" is tucked away inside the heart, which may be fueling the speculation that this relationship is just for show.


Believe it or not, they get more dirty.

Here Tana is in another compromising position as Jake playfully checks out his watch to keep track of time.

Holding up her hand, the bride-to-be proudly displays her giant sparkler and shows she dgaf what people think.


In this photo, Jake is fearlessly motorboating Tana and she seems to be loving it.

They may want to hide these from their parents ... except they can't because they've already splashed them all over the Internet.


Don't worry, they took one really good one too.

Kissing Jake sweetly, Tana caresses his face and plants a big one of her soon-to-be, maybe fake, husband.


Tana and Jake shocked everyone when they seemingly announced their engagement during her birthday party in Vegas last month.

She posted a few videos from inside the club and when it was time for the social media star to get her birthday cake, it read, "Will you marry me, Tana?"

That video was followed up with another showing off her engagement ring, which she captioned, "i'm engaged @jakepaul."

This is either real love or a really good prank.

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