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Aussie Hottie Tammy Hembrow Strips Down To Bear Bikini For ‘Selfish’ Selfie

By Jeff Mazzeo

Aussie influencer, Tammy Hembrow is apparently attracting bears and humans!

The fitness guru flaunted her chiseled frame on Tuesday. Tammy wore a tiny bikini that was bearly there (get it). It was a teeny weenie, crocheted, pink string bikini the had cute, furry bears covering her most sacred parts. She had an adorable furball in the front but her bottom was left pretty much bear. Hembrow's piercing eyes and toned tummy were the highlights of the photo... don't forget the honeypot!

Bearing Her Soul


Tammy beared her true animal instincts in the caption of her post.

"Thought I told u I was selfish," she wrote alongside her knitted thirst trap.

But wait, there's more! In addition to her sultry pic, she shared a thirsty selfie video and kind of rubbed it in everyone's face that she had two kids.

"She said two kids wherrrre 🤭," Tammy joked in the caption of her sultry selfie video.

One specific fan tried to take a little credit away from the hard-working influencer and commented, "That's the benefit of having them young."

"or that’s the benefit of working my ass off before during and after my pregnancies lol. I see older mums with insane bods from pure hard work. Jus sayinnnn," Hembrow quickly clapped back.

Fans Are Bearly Impressed


Hembrow's legion of sycophants (fans) sounded off in the comments in a big way. They could bearly get over how great she looked.

"omg this Care Bears 🐻 fit," a nostalgic follower wrote, while another said, "you are one of the most empowered women in the networks YOU ARE GREAT TAMMY I LOVE."

A third fan commented, "girl you carried two babies in that body and look like that women are really amazing 😍😍😍😍." Tammy quickly replied, "women rule the worldddd."

Bearly Anyone Has This Bikini


We pretty much stay on Instagram all day, so we've actually seen the unique swimsuit once before. Last month, Dua Lipa actually rocked the bears as a bra and bottom during her own sultry mirror selfie.

Who stole whose look... and do they make that suit in anything other than an extra, extra small?

Lipa also received a lot of positive feedback on the bikini.

"Looooove 🤩," Tove Lo commented.

"those are some healthy leaves," Diplo said... obviously he's joking because no one is looking at her shrubbery.

Singer Clairo said, "Swimsuit so cute wow," while her younger sister, Rina Lipa wrote, "obsessed."

'Built Not Bought'


Tammy proudly put her curves on display last week to announce her very own fitness challenge. She gave her fans a good look at her front and backside to tease and inspire them to get fit with her. She let them know that she is 100% natural... at least when it comes to her breathtaking booty.

"BUILT not bought 💪🏼," Tammy wrote to let her fans in that the secret to being fit is hard work.

She continued, "excited to announce a new TammyFit 8 week challenge !! I have been wanting to one for so long & cannot waittt to be doing it with u guys ! We have some bomb prizes & giveaways throughout the challenge so keep an eye out on @tammyhembrowfitness for the sign up & start date!! We’ll also be donating to some amazing charities so not only will you be getting fit as fck but we will be giving back to those in need at the same time. YOU READYYYY?"

It's hard to argue with her results!

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