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Aussie Hottie Tammy Hembrow Flaunts Tight Tummy While Telling Fans To 'Bite Me'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Australian model Tammy Hembrow better be careful what she wishes for because her millions of followers are more than happy to oblige her latest request!

The hot mama shared some stunning mirror selfies on Tuesday. She wore a white, long sleeve shirt and chic leather pants but she made sure her super-trim tummy was on full display. Tammy playfully stuck her tongue out and licked her lips as she held her Care Bears phone case up to take the snap.

"Bite me 🙄,” she captioned the sultry photo.

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Ask And You Shall Receive


As we previously mentioned, droves of Hembrow's followers wanted to take the influencer up on her offer and they sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"You got it girl💛💛💛," one enthusiastic fan replied to Tammy's "bite me" caption.

"YASSS MOM😍💖💖," an impressed follower wrote while another said, "Please can I? 🥺"

Several fans noted that her phone case was too cute. "In love with that case🥺🧸," one wrote. Hembrow has a thing for the Care Bears and cute, fuzzy bears in general. Keep scrolling to see her bear bottoms.

The Bear Accessories


Tammy's love for bears definitely comes through on the gram! Last month, she showed off her bearly there bikini. The cute suit bearly covered her honey pot but left her bottom bear (sorry, that's the last dumb bear joke).

"She said two kids wherrrre 🤭," Hembrow captioned a poolside selfie video.

This also isn't the first time that she's shown off her Care Bears phone case. If you were fond of the '90s cartoon and are in the mood for a little nostalgia, we suggest you take a look at her other pics... to see the phone case.

Stay Fit, Never Quit


The work of a mother is never done, add being a successful influencer to the mix and her schedule fills up quickly. Tammy took a moment to reflect and celebrate the fact that she was mostly done with her busy day as soon as she hit the car.

"Work done gym done just 1 meeting left 2day for this mama," she wrote over her IG story video.

She loves being the mom of Wolf and Saskia and her little girl could be seen passed out in the back seat. "Sis is knocked outtt. I feel u girl," she wrote. The days may be long but Tammy knows that all the hard work is worth it.

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