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Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence After Possible Suicide Attempt: 'Mental Health Is Real'

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By Whitney Vasquez

Tamar Braxton is speaking out for the first time since being hospitalized following a possible suicide attempt just two weeks ago. The 43-year-old "Braxton Family Values" star broke her silence by posting a lengthy message on her Instagram moments ago. Thanking fans for their prayers, the TV personality did not hold back, addressing the stigma around mental health and firing off on WEtv for their treatment of her all these years.

Posting a photo showing her with her son, Logan, Tamar Braxton let it all come out.

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Addressing Fans:


"Thank you to each and every individual who has prayed for me, thought of me, sent me their love and has showered me with their support," she began. Saying her only responsibility at the moment is to "be real," Tamar Braxton continued, "I have without fail, shared with you my brightest days, and I know that sharing with you what has been my darkest will be the light for any man or woman who is feeling the same defeat I felt just only a week ago."

Slamming The Network:


The "Braxton Family Values" star doubled down on her concerns over the treatment she received from WEtv. "Over the past 11 years there were promises made to protect and portray my story, with the authenticity and honesty I gave. I was betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid," she explained.

Tamar Braxton then addressed the letter she wrote to executives two weeks ago that she claims went unanswered. "I wrote a letter over 2 months ago asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair. I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing. My cry for help went totally ignored. However the demands persisted. It was my spirit, and my soul that was tainted the most."

'Mental Illness Is Real'


Tamar Braxton continued by stating that she didn't like the person who she saw being portrayed on television and it drove her to lose her will to live. "It was witnessing the slow death of the woman I became, that discouraged my will to fight. I felt like I was no longer living, I was existing for the purpose of a corporations gain and ratings, and that killed me," she said.

Ending her post by touching on the stigma surrounding mental health, Tamar Braxton assured her fans that "Mental illness is real." She also encouraged her followers to "stop associating it with shame and humiliation." Tamar ended her message with a powerful statement writing, "The pain that I have experienced over the past 11 years has slowly ate away at my spirit and my mental."

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