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T.J. Miller's Alleged False Bomb Threat Call Caused Hours of Chaos in the Freezing Cold

By TheBlast Staff

The 911 call T.J. Miller made to allegedly falsify a report of a bomb threat on a train caused massive chaos, displacing passengers in the freezing cold for hours without any answers.

As The Blast previously reported, the "Deadpool" star was arrested Monday night after allegedly calling in a false bomb threat back in March while traveling on an Amtrak train headed to New York City.

Officials stopped and searched one train but found no evidence of any explosive device. Later on, it was discovered that Miller was on a different train, which was also inspected and “found not to contain any explosive devices or materials.”

The Blast spoke with Alex, a passenger aboard the first train searched. He tells us, "Suddenly the train stopped in the middle of nowhere and everyone was told to sit down for about 20 minutes."

Alex says dozens of police officers and dogs boarded the train and shouted, "Everybody put up their hands, get up and get off the train, except that woman," pointing to a confused-looking woman in her 20s.

He says the passengers were not allowed to grab their jackets and were made to stand outside a parking lot in the freezing cold for more than 90 minutes while bomb-sniffing dogs searched up and down the train.

Alex says he saw the woman who was told to stay put, as well as several other women around the same age, being detained and interrogated over to the side.

After hours of waiting without explanation from authorities, Alex says passengers were permitted to re-board the train.

We're told some passengers joked to each other about refunds. Amtrak, however, did not offer passengers any compensation.

Another passenger, Alison Stewart, posted about the ordeal online. In a video of the chaos, Alison wrote, "Authorities took the threat very seriously ... it was cold. At least 16 police vehicles, bomb sniffing dogs. They detained 4 women for questioning."

She added, "No one told us anything – one officer mentioned a call then backtracked."

T.J. Miller was charged with intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train. He was ordered not to leave the country while out on bond.

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