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'Euphoria' Breakout Star Sydney Sweeney Reveals Sexy BTS Footage

By Chad Weiser

Actress Sydney Sweeney wants everyone to know she is not taking her new role on "Euphoria" lightly, and shared video to prove just how strenuous rehearsals have been.

The stunning 21-year-old star posted video on Wednesday guaranteed to make fans weak in the knees.

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Playing a cheerleader in the racy new HBO drama alongside Zendaya, Sweeney is seen practicing with a dance instructor in a studio and explaining it was "one of the practices for the dance in episode 2 pep rally."

After the strenuous workout, the star admits, "I learned I needed to work on coordination and rhythm."

Her coordination and rhythm look pretty good -- among other things -- but Sweeney recently explained that the cheer numbers were extremely difficult to learn.

The bombshell also posted a video from the set in her cheerleading outfit writing "the cheer girls u wish u had @euphoria episode 2 out tonight," and that "irl I was the girl on the all boy soccer team in school."


Sweeney may not be a household name, but she's already appeared in some pretty big shows.

She previously played Eden in "The Handmaid’s Tale."

Spoiler Alert: Her character was later killed for falling in love with someone else ... but at least we now have her on "Euphoria."

Sweeney was also in "Big Time Adolescence", a film starring Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly.


She can regularly be seen lounging around in a bikini ... which has also resulted in the number of IG followers growing at an alarming rate.

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