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Swae Lee Pulls Off Awesome Stage Dive During IG Live Concert, Greatest Quarantined Entertainer Ever

By Jeff Mazzeo

Swae Lee was just elevated to G.O.A.T. status after he delivered the greatest IG Live concert ever.

The "Sunflower" artist literally did the most on Friday night when he hosted a full concert set from an undisclosed studio while most of the world is stuck at home on self-quarantine. The show consisted of a quarantined stage dive, digitally bringing a fan on stage, and several women throwing their bras and underwear (not really but it was some awesome showmanship). The star even broke news at the end of his show by telling his millions of fans the name of his first solo album.

"I've been spending 18-hour days in the studio working on his album and I think this title is just so perfect for it," the rapper said into the microphone as "the crowd" cheered.

"The name of my album is "Human Nature," Swae said to an eruption of applause.

Swae's Stage Dive


The artist pulled out all the stops to entertain his fans and completed the most epic stage dive ever attempted... ONE WITH NO PEOPLE TO CATCH HIM! At one point in his awesome concert, he jumped up on the equipment and fully dived onto the floor because there were not people to lift him up. Being a true entertainer, he simulated riding on all the hands of the crowd by shimmying around on the floor. We call that being fully committed in the biz.

Bringing Fans 'On Stage'


He fully interacted with the audience by calling for specific emojis to be dropped in the chat and even had several fans join him "on stage" by bringing them into his IG Live broadcast.

"I'm going to bring you on stage right now, Live chat," he said into the mic. "Drop the red phone emoji if you wanna come on stage."

As soon as his fan joined in, Swae broke into his hit song, "Someone Said" and encouraged the fan to dance and sing along.

Acting Like A Fan Jumped On Stage


No concert is complete without a giant bodyguard handling a rowdy fan that crashed the stage. Swae's IG concert was no different and he acted like a fan rushed him and had to be taken out by security as he punched a stuffed rabbit.

"Nobody's supposed to be on stage!" Swae said. "Security get him out of here!"

He wasn't finished after the brief interruption. After the hype man got "the crowd" going again, he finished with the song, "Sunflower." It was beautiful. Thank you, Swae Lee. Thank you.

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