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Offset's Alleged Mistress, Summer Bunni, Drops Tearful Track About Cardi B's Husband

By TheBlast Staff

The woman at the center of the cheating scandal that allegedly led to Offset and Cardi B's sudden split is releasing an emotionally-charged song she says she wrote during the affair with the Migos star, and The Blast has obtained a preview of the track.

Summer Bunni tells The Blast, she penned "Don't Matter" over the summer when she was experiencing "mixed feelings" about Offset. "I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time," Bunni says, adding that she felt her emotions were being neglected during her brief fling with the hip-hop star.

As we've reported, Cardi B shocked the entertainment world this week when she announced a split with Offset after claiming the two had been trying to make the relationship work for a "long time." Shortly after news broke, text messages went viral appearing to show Offset was trying to organize a ménage à trois with Bunni and another woman, Cuban Doll.

Bunni is mortified that she has been labeled as a homewrecker and says she never intended to be a catalyst for rapper's split. "I really thought he and I were for real," Bunni admits, saying she sincerely hopes the "Bodak Yellow" star can accept her apology one day.

Instagram: @thesummerbunni

The 20-year-old musician says she never wanted her relationship with Offset to become a public spectacle, and despite all the chaos, she swears “I won’t ever talk shit on him, he has a good heart.”

While Bunni wrote “Don’t Matter” about Offset, she says she chose not to play the song for him, but did inform him about its existence.

Summer begins “Don’t Matter” by proclaiming “I’m sick of you, I guess my feelings don’t matter.” She goes on to suggest Offset might have been dishonest with her as well: “You didn’t mean it huh / What you say / You stay lying n***a straight to my face.” However, with lyrics like, “F**k the gossip f**k the tea / I’m the one that you really need,” it sounds like Bunni's feelings for Offset were still complicated even after she broke it off.

Bunni's rep, Antonio Velaz, tells us, "It's unfortunate that my client's trust was violated by a friend in an attempt to expose someone else," adding, "Summer is a humble person who is emerging as an artist but has been plastered as a villain when she is a victim of this love triangle."

Her rep also claims that Bunni's participation in Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine's video, "FEFE," was not a shot at Cardi. We're told that the appearance was "just a job."

Listen to the song and check out the lyrics below before the full track drops Tuesday.

“Don’t Matter”
I’m sick of you I guess my feelings don’t matter
Never question how I am if I’m better
I left walking got door begging at my door (begging at my door)
I replace you boy you better get gone
(Better be gone)

What is love what is love what is love
Can you explain it what it does
I had Ryan trying to come inside and
I had Brian calling all night plus
All your friends trying to fuck low
But you stay steady saying I’m a hoe
It’s okay but I’m let you be
I’m not gone cry baby beg on my knees
You didn’t mean it huh
What you say
You stay lying ni**a straight to my face
What did you call us
What did you see
All the bitches be laughing all at me
I hope you play this shit when you all alone
So you can think about why I’m really gone
F**k the gossip f**k the tea
I’m the one that you really need

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