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Viral Subway Singer Loses Recording Contract After Bailing On Performance With Pete Townshend

By Mike Walters

The homeless woman, who went viral after an LAPD officer shared a video of her singing opera style in a LA subway, has just lost the recording contract she was offered after not showing up for her paying gigs.

Emily Zamourka was offered a recording contract, after her video went viral, by two-time grammy-winning producer Joel Diamond.

But, he says there has been major issues with working with Zamourka.

Recording Contract Withdrawan


Unfortunately, Diamond has withdrawn his high profile recording agreement offer to the singer.

"Emily (Zamourka) has not responded to what I felt was the ‘world on a silver platter’ proven formula that has worked hugely successfully for me before. To say we are not on the same page artistically, would be an understatement,” says Diamond.

We're told Emily never signed the contract from Diamond to completely fund and produce a recording session.

Diane Warren Diss

Joel Diamond

He tells us, "In addition, she did not even want to listen to a song that Diamond personally requested for her from one of the most successful songwriters in the world, Diane Warren."

During Emily's meteoric rise to fame, she said during interviews that her classic violin she used while performing on the streets of Los Angeles was stolen. But, Diamond says she "turned down multiple free violins from well-known musicians to replace her stolen one."

Bails On Rockstar


The most shocking development, according to Diamond, is Emily "rejected a paid offer to perform on stage with Pete Townshend of 'The Who' this past weekend and she rejected an all-expense-paid singing appearance in Japan."

It is unclear if Emily is suffering from some sort of mental illness, or if she is specifically is denying help from these Hollywood bigwigs for another reason.

Diamond is upset with how she has dealt with high profile meetings he has set up, "She torpedoed an after-work evening meeting arranged with an ICM Music President. She showed up at this meeting 45 minutes late and then told him she only had a few minutes to spend with him," he says.

TV Deal

In recent weeks, Emily has been offered a television deal with a major TV production company involving a weekly Docu-series about her life as well as other LA homeless. She rejected the deal.

“I have worked with and produced many major recording artists such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Helen Reddy, Ray J, The Five Browns, Howard Hewett, Gloria Gaynor, David Hasselhoff, etc., in addition to holding key executive positions at major labels including Sony," Diamond says.

Hopefully She Is Ok...

He continued, "But in all my years in the music industry I have never seen the world so fascinated and entertained by a completely unknown homeless subway singer whose voice has now been heard all over the world. This was a true Cinderella story that just went off the rails. I wish Emily good luck and good health in the future.”

It's unclear at this point if Emily has returned to the street, or she is just not wanting the Hollywood music lifestyle.

Either way, everyone hopes she is doing ok and will continue to take help.

Celebrity Help...


Corky Hale, a music industry veteran who has performed live with Frank Sinatra and Liberace, offered to purchase a new violin to replace the one stolen from the homeless woman.

Hale told The Blast, at the time, "I’m trying to get a hold of her to tell her the good news. As a jazz harpist and singer, I know how horrible it is if your instruments go missing and you can’t make a living."

People Lending A Helping Hand...


Several concerned citizens started a GoFundMe page for the woman, and at this point, it has already raised over $80,000.

The person who started the page posted the following message:

"I live in LA, but have never met Emily. Currently, LA Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office has been communicating with her and they know my goal is to give Emily control of this account when she is ready for it. I haven’t touched any of the money, nor will I ever. Because Emily is homeless communication between her and I hasn’t been simple so going through the councilman’s office has served our purposes for now."

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