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Disney Sues Stuart Scott's Estate Over Ex's Claim for His 401k Money

By TheBlast Staff

The Walt Disney Company is suing the estate of Stuart Scott, claiming the late ESPN host's ex-wife battle over $162,000 he left behind when he passed is with the estate ... and not them.

Scott's ex-wife, Kimberley Scott, recently filed a lawsuit against Disney and Fidelity claiming her divorce from Stuart gave her the rights to his retirement fund from Disney.

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, Disney states at the time of Stuart's death, he had listed his family trust as the beneficiary of his retirement accounts. Disney claims to have distributed his funds to his trust prior to receiving Kimberley’s legal docs.

Disney is claiming they did nothing wrong when they paid out the money to the estate.

In the documents, Disney says they fear they could inadvertently allow the wrong party to withdraw the assets and wants the court to dismiss them from the case and allow the estate and ex-wife to battle it out alone. The money has since been frozen since the dispute arose.

Kimberley filed for divorce from Stuart in 2007. The ESPN host was ordered to pay his ex-wife $162,899.04 plus interest from his Disney Savings and Investment Plan 401k Account.

Stuart Scott died on January 4, 2015 without ever complying with the divorce decree to transfer the $162k. Kimberley attempted to collect on the money after his death but was told the money was already handed out to his estate.

The case is ongoing.

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