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Stripper Who Fell Two Stories From Pole Has Jaw Wired Shut After Surgery -- See The Photos!

By Mike Walters

The Texas stripper who fell two-stories to the ground while performing a stunt on a stripper pole is on the mend after she was forced to have jaw surgery to fix injuries sustained in the freak accident.

According to Genea Sky, who posted the update on social media, her jaw is now wired shut and she is unable to talk. The exotic dancer posted a picture on Instagram from the hospital bed, with a thumbs up, and included a message about her current situation.

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"Today has been a very long day. My surgery went well. My jaw is currently wired shut so please refrain from calling me as of right now and bare with me on replies because my phone hasn’t stopped blowing up," she began.

Genea continued, "Everyone’s love & kind words have not gone unnoticed whatsoever and it means so much to me that all of you have blessed me and uplifted me in so many ways. I am overwhelmed in the best way by all the support. I was really nervous as this all started blowing up because people are cruel and this is a very sensitive time for me. But I never imagined so many people would stand behind me in a situation like this and that has outweighed all the negativity by far."

The texas dancer explained in the post that doctors were also about to fix her teeth which she showed off on Instagram.

People Scamming Money Using Her Name

The dancer explained she is in a ton of pain right now and is hoping she will be getting better soon! "I am beyond grateful for you all. I am in a tremendous amount of pain but i am ready for this road to recovery so I can get back to my life. I will continue to update everyone over the course of my recovery but thank you once again for EVERYTHING," she ended the message.

As we reported, friends of Genea set up a GoFundMe page to take care of her medical bills saying the club and her insurance won't cover most of it.

But, she says fraudsters are going online and setting up fake accounts in her name.

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"I’m sure I’ll get a lot of negative comments and I can’t stop all the fake pages, and that’s okay. But I’m still addressing this. I never forced anyone to donate money and help me in my time of need, but I take it very seriously that people still went outta their way to do so and I’m NOT okay with people trying to be fraudulent, especially with MY NAME, and take advantage of people’s kindness," she says.

She continued, "You don’t have to donate to mine, but PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE FAKE PAGES. This is my ONE & ONLY Instagram and my Twitter has the same name. I would appreciate it if you guys could report any fake pages you come across. I’m sorry if anyone has been mislead by any of these other accounts. I wish I could have total control over that. But since I don’t, I would like to at least make you guys aware. Thank you guys once again & stay blessed 🙏🏽✨"

If you wish to help Genea recover and help with the bills, you can donate.....HERE.

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